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    9 reasons not to commute by bike

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    I am such a slug. I don't have to dress nicely for work (I wear jeans). the weather is moderate here, windy, but otherwise fine. My ride is 12 miles or so, takes me 50 min, driving takes 30.
    While the by-pass does strike me as dangerous, there are neighborhood roads that I could take for most of it.
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    Love it! That was great!! I sense a little sarcasm, although I *could* be wrong...
    I will admit that since coming back from Spring Break, I've only commuted once by bike. I need to get back into the habit.
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    +1. I know cycle commuting is not everybody's cup of tea and that's fair enough. This is so much more effective (not to mention amusing) than a lot of the stuff I've seen aimed at encouraging people to cycle to work. Thanks for posting.

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    Hilarious! Just for fun I used google bike maps to find a way into work. It took me straight through a gang invested neighborhood. I revised it to go up and around and the trip is 30 miles one way. I just can't see it happening. I do plan on driving part way and biking the rest. I think that could make me happy and save a little gas.

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    I guess I don't think it's that funny. It's kind of condescending, really. Appearance, in particular, can be a pretty legitimate problem if you have no way to shower and a shared bathroom. I feel fortunate that in our satellite office no one cares what I look (or smell) like, but I probably couldn't bike to work if I was in our corporate space.

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    That was rather entertaining.

    I dunno if I could give up sitting in traffic either and then getting to school in the same or LONGER amount of time if I had ridden. THAT's just crazy but I'm not joking. Takes me LONGER some days to drive



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