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    bike case storage

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    My boyfriend and I are travelling to California for a 2-week cycling/hiking trip at the end of September. We will be flying in and out of San Francisco.

    For logistic and space reasons (we'll be renting a car while in Calif), we need somewhere to store our bike cases (the hard plastic type) for about 9 days.

    I checked with the San Fran airport and it will cost us $400 ($200 each) to store them there for that length of time.

    Can anyone suggest where we might be able to store our empty cases in San Francisco while we're travelling elsewhere?

    If we were staying at the same accommodation in San Fran when we arrive and when we return at the end of our trip, that might be an option. However, we would like to have a different plan of attack if possible.


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    What about one of those self-storage facilities? Yeah, you'd probably have to rent for the whole month, but it has to be cheaper than $400!

    Sounds like a great trip- enjoy!



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