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    Talking cyclocross in Sydney?

    So I am definately going to be in Sydney for a year from January 2008 and will be commuting about 15 miles each way on my about to be built up Surly Cross Check - I will unfortunately be leaving my Specialised Roubaix Elite at home as I only want one bike and not to worry about it so much!
    I am planning to join a roadie club but would be really interested in doing some cyclocross - is there any and any suggestions about clubs?

    In advance Thanks enzed for all you info on my last post!

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    Perhaps you could contact one of these clubs and see if they can help you out with some cyclocross info.


    These clubs are spread across NSW but they may know of a suitable club in your area.

    Good luck with the search.
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    Hmmm...I don't know of road clubs adopting cyclocross in Sydney, however a few Mountain bike clubs have dirt crits/cyclocross races. http://www.mwmtb.com/content/ These guys are northside and have dirt crit series...you don't have to have a cyclocross bike to race, but it helps! Give them a call or send them an email, they're pretty relaxed (and joining an MTBA affiliated club is far less expensive than joining a CA Road club).

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    D'oh! just saw the date of the posts I am replying to...

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    cyclocross in Sydney

    Hi everyone,
    Ill be in Sydney coming up in the next few months...
    Anyone care to list out some of the clubs that spin "AH.FM style" beats?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hopefully in 2021



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