Team Estrogen is a proud sponsor of Team Terry. Here's a bit on what they've been up to lately:

July 14, 2004: Team Terry Race Report

Team Terry has had an action packed early summer of racing, including multiple trips to the podium! International traveler Julie has had a full early season of racing. In addition to a full season of racing with the Terry Team, she was also asked to race with the Canadian National team at various races in France and Switzerland this year. All the hard European racing paid off, as she easily won the the GP de Brossard in Ottowa Canada upon her return.

Terry's next stride onto the podium was taken by Chloe at the Chin Festival in Toronto, Canada. This race was also the Ontario Privincial Championships. Chloe rode a fantastic race, sitting tight until the end where she initiated a move with 2 laps to go. She was brought back, was able to recover and put in an incredible sprint for 3rd place-- the bronze medal. The sprint was oh, so close and Chloe looked incredibly stong in a VERY close finish!

Team Terry popped up at the Syracuse Stage Race in Syracuse NY and put in a great showing. The stage race consisted of 3 stages: a road race, street sprints and a criterium. Rosie took a trip to the podium twice with a 2nd place finish in the criterium and 3rd overall.

Terry also raced the Rochester criterium with yet another trip the podium: Rosie took 2nd place. This was the first year of the Rochester Criterium and it was incredible. The course was technical, fast and the race was held at night. There were over 7,000 spectators and you would have thought this race had been going for years. This one looks as if it's here to stay. The team will definitely plan to race again at the Rochester Criterium next year!

Terry also sent riders to the Canadian National Time Trial and Road Race, in addition to Fitchburg and the Collegiate U.S. Nationals.

If you are out west, look for Team Terry racer Laura who will be representing Terry at the Women's Expo in Spokane, WA this Sunday, July 18th. She will also be competing in the Women's Expo Triathlon held at the same time. Good luck Laura!

Keep an eye out for Team Team at the Peterborough Locklift Criterium on July 31st, the NY City Cycling Classic on Aug 1st, the Green Mountain Stage Race on Sept 3-6th, the Multi Laser GP on Sept 11-12 and the Univest Classic on Sept 18th.

A special thank you to all our sponsors:, M & T Bank, Boylan Brown LLC,, Woman Tours, Rudy Project, Voler, Cane Creek, SockGuy, Clif Bar, Merrell, Isis, Planet Bike, Michelin and Sidi.