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    Gluten Sensitivity?

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    Recently I posted about hitting a weight loss wall and since then have been doing low carb and high protein foods. I've been doing this about two weeks now. I figured initially I would just not do bread and pasta at all to get my weight loss going. Oddly since I did this, I have noticed the chronic sebaceous dermatitis that I have been battling for 3 years is dissipating? Is this possible that gluten could have been causing this?

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    It's definitely possible, but statistically it's more likely a wheat allergy. Two different things.

    Celiac can cause so many different problems that it's probably best to get yourself tested for that. "Simple" food allergies are just as easily self-managed.
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    We don't have to be allergic for our bodies to be sensitive to grains and to more than gluten. Grains have anti-nutrients that can wreak havoc in the body if we have any gut issues that allow them to get past - and we may not be aware the latter exists. I've a problem with this myself, but I didn't know that until I started my Paleo experiment last July - and the first thing I did was to drop all grains. There is research that indicates that more people are sensitive to grains without being truly allergic and don't have Celiac disease than was once thought. I agree with Oak that it is probably a good idea to rule out Celiac disease just to be safe.



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