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Thread: Newbie here

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    Newbie here

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    Ok, so I have been lurking for a few weeks now. A couple weeks ago I bought a Specialized Vita Comp hybrid . I love it! I am hoping it will help me lose some weight. I have about 50 lbs to lose. My question is about cadence/speed/ and distance. I average about 15-20 a ride everyday or every other day. I usually average about 15/16mph, but feel my cadence could be better. It is only around 65/70. When I am really pushing into the wind its even worse.
    My questions are:

    Whats you average speed for a 20 mile ride?

    Do you pay attention to cadence?

    Do you think my speed will improve if I lose weight?

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    Jul 2011
    Average speed: Depends on the type of ride. Road bike about 15mph, hybrid on a railtrail about 12 mph. A bit more with other people, a bit less by myself.

    Cadence: Yes, I try to spin at a high cadence BUT I don't have that feature on my computer so I can't give you any numbers.

    Speed with weight loss: Depends what kind of weight you lose and what type of riding you do. In general, I would say yes. This is purely conjecture, not based on scientific studies or amusing personal anecdotes with n = 1. I think losing fat will help with climbing in particular.

    Enjoy your bike. Sounds like you will have fun with it.



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