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    Aug 2001
    northern california

    How many calories do you burn...

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    ... shovelling 4 feet of snow off of a 20 X 16ft deck? Do you get a few extra calorie points when you have to hoist the shovel up and over the railing? How about if you have to walk an extra few feet with the loaded shovel so you don't step on the dogs that have made themselves at home on the deck (supervising, of course)?

    Do I burn even more calories stressing about having to do the whole thing again tomorrow as I watch it continue to snow today?

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    Sep 2006
    Oslo, Norway

    I think the correct answer is quite simply A LOT! Take care of your back, now.
    Winter riding is much less about badassery and much more about bundle-uppery. - malkin

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    Don't worry, you are not alone - it s heading our way - actually been snowing all morning, but it is not quite cold enough to stick too well right now. It is sticking but not as much as it could!

    Hope it stays that way-

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    Jan 2011
    Austin, TX
    Snowing? You say it is snowing somewhere? Cripes, I'm still waiting for the temps here in TX to stay below 100 ... even 90 degrees would feel crisp to me at this point.

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