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    Looking for Salad Dressing Recipes or Ideas

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    We eat a lot of salads, homegrown spinach, kale, tomatoes, carrots, bellpeppers....

    I'm looking to see if anyone has any home made salad dressings, oil/vinegar can get old.


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    Oil, different kinds of basalmic vinegars (endless, i.e. fig, chocolate, cherry). Or add some Dijon mustard to the mix.
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    I make my own mayo with my food processor - though not often. I use walnut oil and will add other things to it as the mood strikes. I especially like adding garlic and dijon mustard. It makes a nice dressing all by itself, while it isn't liquid a small amount serves nicely.

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    Hummus on salad is a great dressing too, either as is or thinned out a bit.
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    My partner seems have a gift for creative salad dressings that he dreams up ..and it tastes deliciously healthy. You could take abit of plain yogurt and puree with fresh berry fruit, add some mustard, honey..and there's your salad dressing.
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    There's that ginger-shoyu dressing they serve in Japanese restaurants - I don't have a recipe, I don't eat a lot of salads at home (it's rarely warm enough for me to want to eat anything straight out of the fridge, and as far as freshly harvested salad greens, they don't grow when it's warm enough for me to eat them!), but I'm sure there are recipes online.

    Tahini makes a good dressing base too - if you don't use a lot, you can grind sesame seeds in a mini-blender, though it won't be as smooth as storebought tahini.

    Lemon makes a nice "vinaigrette" base in place of vinegar. Shredded beets are especially good with a lemon dressing IMO. I'll do massaged kale with either lemon or red wine vinegar. You can use avocado flesh in place of oil for a "green goddess" type dressing.
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    try carrottes rapees. too simple. Dressing is lemon juice, bit of olive oil, salt and mustard? And oh bit of sugar too. garnish with chopped parsley. very yummy.

    I also second the ginger shoyu dressing. or carrot-ginger-shoyu dressing.

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    guacamole mixed with salsa makes a very satisfying, creamy dressing. I like to buy single serve cups of guac at costco and use them for this purpose. It's also a great sub for mayo.

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