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    what to do with stupidly hot peppers?

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    so have ghost peppers (bhut jolokia scoville scale 1,500,000+), Fatalli (scoville scale 100,000+), Datil(scoville scale 100,000+), Trinidad scorpion(scoville scale 1,200,000+). Milder ones like Mauls red hot (cayenne type), cayenne, fish pepper, Tobasco and still milder ones like lemon drop(bright yellow) Serrano, Jalapenos.

    so made some Caribbean pepper sauce. fermenting some of the peppers to make stupidly hot hot sauce, some dried and ground. some pickled/canned. what else?? We've dried/cooked and bit burnt the red jalapenos for the chipotle like taste and flavor. Maybe I'll lacto ferment some green serranos and some hungarian yellow wax and some lemon drop for green hot sauce, light green hot sauce and yellow hot sauce. Purrty colors!!

    But what else? suggestions.

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    DH made some garlic-ghost pepper jelly from some peppers one of his co-workers brought in. It's nice - with some bread and something creamy. I wouldn't want to eat it alone.
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    Sell them?

    Only half joking, but there are only so many things you can do with the super hot ones besides sauce. I do like Blueberry's idea too!

    Do any of your friends or family like really hot peppers? If so, the sauce and/or jelly might make good Christmas gifts.

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    I would dry the peppers, place in a grinder, and use to top food . I can't get enough of dried ghost chili pepper flakes
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    Ghost peppers seem really popular right now, every where I turn around I'm seeing different processed snacks that claim to have Ghost Peppers.

    Blueberry and Smiling Cat, I like the way you think! I do enjoy strong spice, and since I don't eat flour products any longer I've had to get creative about how to cut the spice when I need to do so (quite often this involves Noosa plain yogurt).

    I wonder how flakes from the crazy hot peppers might be in a good jerk seasoning mix? It might overwhelm the other flavors, but it is an interesting idea. What about other homemade seasoning mixes for your spice-loving friends and family members?



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