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    You can see my son on the trampoline in our back yard in our street view. He's a blur, because I'm sure he was jumping.

    I recently spent 6 days in Boulder, using only my Google-based Droid phone for directions. The only hiccup was when it led me to the BACK of my hotel which was in a neighborhood, and there were houses between me and the hotel. In G-maps defense, Boulder had some one-ways and frontage roads and no-u-turns that they couldn't have anticipated. But I had my eyes for that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tulip View Post
    I have found google maps to be quite accurate in Virginia, DC, Maryland, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

    Just proceed with caution, a backup map, and a bit of humor, as you would in any unfamiliar area.
    What Tulip said! Also, note that, just as with Google maps driving directions, the bike maps also let you drag & drop to change your route. Very helpful if you already have some idea of the area you are in.

    My recent experience with Mapquest is that they don't know where I live - yet Google does.

    As for the comment about Mapmyrun/ride: did you let them know about the virus? Shouldn't that ad be removed? I am a member so don't have to worry about ads, but still, it could happen somewhere else. ack!
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    I routed a ride to Indianapolis from Bloomington.

    It took me straight up Highway 37 (the location of the drafting incident in Breaking Away). Suffice it to say that "that ain't gonna happen"...right Indysteel???

    But, I found the trails and bike routes to be accurate and appropriate. Personally, I think it's a great start and I'm glad that they're doing it - even if it's not perfect yet.

    Perfection will be achieved when a small group of more knowledgable local riders in each community start contributing to improving it from good to great.
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    I just googled the route I take downtown, and it had me going on two VERY busy (and totally inappropriate) roads. The way I go isn't even on there and while it might be a couple miles longer, it's on residential streets with little to no traffic.
    I think it's a great concept- and perhaps with a little input it will be even better. I mean- they can't know EVERY community in America. That's where we come in to suggest better routings.
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    I just routed the ride I did from San Jose to Santa Cruz last week and it had me doing pretty much the same route. It took me the back way out of my neighborhood across a busy street where there is no traffic light (but there are bike lanes), but hey, it's pretty accurate. Although, as Google's HQ is here in the Bay Area, the accuracy here is not surprising.

    I've never had issues with GoogleMaps here in California either. Although, my tool of choice is my iPhone map because that goes with me on rides - wish they had the same feature. I do like the "You are Here" on the iPhone which has saved my butt many a time.
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    Google's model is moving more and more toward wiki, so user contributions are everything. That'll be especially the case with the bicycling routes. Did you see the box to report problems, including "streets that aren't suited for cycling" and "turns that are difficult or restricted"? I'd encourage all of us to contribute! I am.
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