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    Anyone been to Poland?

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    My mom and I are going to Poland for 2 weeks in July (we're looking up relatives and such). If any of you have been there before I have a few questions:
    -How safe is it to stroll around the city (Warsaw, Krakow) by yourself?
    -Is English widely spoken? My mom is learning Polish but I'm sure it's just the basics.
    -Does anyone know of any good places to hike, bike or run solo around the major cities?


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    I went to Poland (just Warsaw) shortly after The Wall came down.

    It was a work TDY, but we got in plenty of sightseeing. I went w/a guy and another female. None of us spoke Polish and even back then (early 90s), we didn't have any problems because a good many Poles spoke English.

    Crime was a bit of a problem when I was there, primarily due to the economy. Lots of public drunkeness, too. That said, we did a lot of sightseeing on foot--even after dark--and no one bothered us.

    I really liked it there. The people were very nice, friendly, and pro-American. Not sure if the last is still the attitude, but I suspect so.

    If you get a chance, visit the Old Town section and also get in a visit to the WW2 memorial (there's an eternal flame). I loved the local pizza, too. They put fried eggs on it, which sounds gross but was actually delicious.

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    my son was there twice now and he tells me that food prices are fantastic. It's one of the few places in Europe where you can get good deals on food and lodgings. He went with a Polish friend but many people do speak English there, or French or Italian or..(unlike us, they learn other languages in their childhood)
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    Went to Poznan a couple of years ago for a meeting and would love to go back. Beautiful city and I felt perfectly safe walking around on my own. People were friendly and helpful, and most young people spoke English. And when English failed, gestures work just fine. Hope you have a wonderful trip!
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    Poland is an outstanding place for MTB, road cycling, hiking, etc. too.
    Look here:


    If any of You going to visit Poland - give us a note

    Greetings from Poland!
    Tomek & Sylwia

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    I envy you your trip.

    I have only one thing to add. It seems to be a feature of Polish humor to teach people who don't know the language words and phrases that are not, um, drawing room appropriate. This was a warning from my Polish violin teacher and experience from my grandmother, who taught me to tell my sister that she has a fat butt. (The only Polish I managed to learn) As I recall, during the Carter administration, there was an embarrassing incident, as well.

    So, with that one warning, have fun - and come back with pictures.
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