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03-14-2014, 04:55 PM
The more work I do with my kettlebells, and work with my kettlebell coach, the more I love them. I can also tell my body seems to be responding to the different training style. I don't feel like I am fighting my body with the kettlebell training, so all of the work I've been doing is paying off. He is a traditional Russian style coach with a very high level of international certification and also specializes in mobility, and working with the "aging active adult" and trains very high level competitors. He is also semi-retired and does group KB training at my gym - such a great resources. Very gentle training style - but no less intense than my other coach.

My kettlebell collection has grown, I've 3 of the 5 sizes I want for my home gym and that really is all I need for home. I've my gym for anything heavier. I am also finding myself using my home gym now for more than for snow days :) It might seems surprising, but my neck and shoulders appear to like this style of lifting far better than Olympic lifting. Who knew? I apparently needed more in my little fitness room than the Jungle Gym!

Any other kettlebell lovers here? I seem to remember several mentioning this over the years.