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08-18-2004, 07:13 AM
TeamEstrogen.com is proud to be a sponsor of TEAM Fuji Women's Team. Here is an update on their racing this summer:


TEAM Fuji Women's Team presented by Carolina VW continues a very active racing summer by posting a few more wins on the victory board and a third place finish at an NRC National Racing Calendar event at Superweek in Wisconsin. The season is not over yet, and with the current phenomenal physical condition of the Team, a few more results are expected before the season ends September 30.

The most exciting TEAM Fuji showing was at the Giordana Cross Roads Classic in Charlotte, NC August 4-8. TEAM Fuji started the series off with a team trial at Lowe's Motor Speedway on Wednesday, August 4. Jen Stern flew in from Arizona to help out the team for the weekend. She took some hard pulls out on the track between phone calls with the 'rock-star' boyfriend. TEAM Fuji won the women's team trial by beating a few of the men's teams and closely chasing a local men's OLP Team with a few hitters on the squad.

The next woman's race was the Coliseum Criterium on Saturday, August 7. Team Fuji controlled the race and set a break up with Kathleen charging the hill. Kathleen's break almost managed to lap the field with the three other riders tagging closely behind her wheel. Genesis managed to squeak two riders into the break with Kathleen, while their strongest Genesis riders were back in the pack with Christina, Jen, Nicole, Gina and Giselle. Team Fuji worked well together keeping a fast pace and driving the hill. Kathleen won the race hands down and Christina won the field sprint for fourth place, followed closely by Jen, Giselle, Nicole, and Gina.

Charlotte hosted the International Criterium on Saturday night. The event was very well attended by people from all over the Southeast. The downtown streets of Charlotte were packed with people for one of the largest city evening events of the summer. It was a fantastic event and so good to see the sport of cycling well supported in our home town city. Nest year, the event will be double in size as word spreads and they add a women's event to the schedule. The city restaurants were packed after the race and TEAM Fuji supported the Sierra Nevada Cycling team by testing their product samples.

Sunday was the Cabarrus Creamery Criterium. TEAM Fuji again led the way by launching Kathleen off the front of the pack. The course was a short 1K, four corner circuit. Two Genesis riders immediately responded to Kathleen's move and the chase began. Candice Blickhem is one of the most powerful time trialists in the country, and her team mate, Lauren Truell, is a very formidable sprinter. The two of them posed quite a threat to Kathleen. As the field lined-up single file to chase the Genesis duo, Team Fuji sent a rider off the back of the pack to help Kathleen as she came back around. The tactic worked. Nicole pulled for Kathleen just long enough to give her a short break allowing her to keep the lead. Kathleen single handedly lapped the field and won the race with less than 10 seconds to spare over the Genesis duo. Congratulations to Kathleen for her astounding efforts in a very tough race. The Team is riding well together and the results are starting to show.

While the roadies were doing there thing in Charlotte, Christina and Cass Perkins were hitting the trails at the Showdown at Sugar Mountain Bike Race in Banner Elk, NC. The race was a grueling 15 mile loop with a steep hill climb fallowed by an extremely difficult, technical descent. Carolina VW made an impressive appearance on the start line with David Hall wearing the Carolina VW kit for the Men's Expert Pro race. David placed sixth overall and raced well against a very tough field. In the women's race, Cass Perkins carried TEAM Fuji to a very impressive win in the Elite Women's Pro category. Cass out climbed the competition and then descended like a mad woman to win by over 12 minutes. Christina placed third in the Expert Master's women Category and barely made it back in time before the finish line came down..

Happy cycling to all and enjoy the rest of the summer!

Christina DeKraay
TEAM Fuji Southeast Women's Team presented by Carolina VW