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Thread: Century nears!!

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    Yes, getting out to Assateague was definitely metric century. I think it was mile 65 or so for us, though we had to go back at the second pit to fix a flat. Since that pit was so far down the lane, that added a little bit to our mileage.

    A metric under those conditions deserves a medal, in my opinion. Assateague was dangerous, and I really think they should have shut the bridge. From what I understand from colleagues (I am Team Booz Allen Hamilton, and we ride every year...not me, but someone from the firm), the pit used to be before the bridge, near the sand you talked about. I think it should stay there if the weather's like that.

    So anyway, CHEERS to you. If you keep your fitness level where it is, you will have absolutely no trouble doing it next year or next time you try. If it hadn't been for you guys (I just saw your posts the night before the century) I don't know if we'd have made it. You all are inspirational!

    BTW, one tip. If you do it next year, come down and do the Shorbird Metric (or the shorter 32) Memorial Day weekend. Other good training rides are the Knights for Sight ride (July or August, also from Salisbury but poorly supported) and there's another one from Pemberton Park. I know the terrain is weird...flat but windy. I moved 2 years ago from Northern Virginia where there are tons of hills, to Lewes, DE where there aren't any. I did the Reston Metric this year and it was TOUGH. The Seagull this year was harder.

    Congratulations to all!!!

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    Looking at all the love there that's sleeping

    "Stupid storm"!!!

    Congrats to LLB, Megandmac and everyone else who venured out this past Saturday for the Seagull Century!!! Metric, Full.... just being out there in that snotty weather merits a major "atta girl!"
    Boy, what a day, huh???
    DH and I arrived very late - too late to even attempt to hook up with the LBS folks. We did hook up with my friend Karen and her DH. We left through the bridge at around 8:40.
    It rained for about the first 20 miles, and I was sooo glad when it stopped.
    I was definitely the weakest link in our 4-person chain, and forever dropped off the back (got "gapped" as they call it). If a train of fast moving cyclists happened by, I'd hop on the last wheel and be a wheel sucker back up to my group. Desperate times call for desperate measures. It was like the most intense hill workout ever. I'd be hammering for all I was worth, only to look down and see the speed at a disheartening 10 mph and the HR at 180!
    The bridge onto Assateague was a freak event. I can't believe they kept it open. I rode it - death grip on the handlebars and my tendonitis in my elbow screaming in protest (too much time with the mouse and TE Forums!) - but my friend Karen walked it. It was strange seeing cyclists riding at an angle into the wind. My own DH loved it...he said he laughed the whole way over the bridge. He's such a freak!
    Karen's sister, Becca, called it a day at the island and took the SAG back to SU. I'm sure lots did, and I don't blame them. Only the thought of a tail wind for the ride back kept me on the road. But, alas Murphy's Law of Cycling kicked in (You will always have a headwind) and we really only had a tailwind for about a 1/3 of it. Hmmm...Nor'easter. How come heading west-ish, I'm not getting a tailwind??? Stupid storm.
    Anyway...we finished. 101 miles all told in a bit over 6.5 hours. Went back to the B&B, got a bottle of wine and sat in the hot tub filled with Epsom salts until we nearly passed out (well, not really). So, DH and I have FINALLY completed a century together - after 2 previous failed attempts.
    Next year will be better. Sunshine, calm winds. Perfect.
    Right?? Right??

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    ok, I feel better now. I have my cyber-medal pinned to my jammies, and you made me feel brave for trying AND smart for stopping.

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    WA, Australia
    Quote Originally Posted by latelatebloomer View Post
    ps - a big thankyou hug to ALL of you who have advised and encouraged me. And a special thank you to Trekhawk, who offered to be my century training partner. She has been a great cheerleader and cyber-shoulder, and perhaps most importantly, sent me a decent seat. Thanks, Leslie!
    My Dear LLB - what can I say - but right back at you. I love having my very own cyber training partner and friend to share the ups, downs and laughs with.

    Like I said in my PM now you have a war story to tell when you get together with all the fine weather cyclists. CONGRATULATIONS
    The most effective way to do it, is to do it.
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    You gals are something! The weather kept me and my husband from making the trip out there. Instead I rode at home where the winds were really bad (figured that they must have been much worse out there) and of course, there was some drizzle. I hope you all treated yourself to a nice recovery meal!

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    My hat is off to you!!! I am a newbie to. To date I have only riden 30miles, I about 5 times on the bike) My goal is the seagull next year. I hear that it has been bad weather for most years. I heard from experienced riders that this was a bad one with the wind. The one in Virginia, coming up, sounds good. I have been following you thread. Thanks for sharing your feelings. I really, really want to do this. I am planning on a century next year and the MS ride next June. Those are my goals. Think i'll make it? I am strong and fit BUT overweight and older.... Hey, I don't care. The weight can come off and the age doesn't matter. Hope I see some of you out there. I see a rail trail in wester maryland that looks good 42 miles. Anyone done it? By the way, I heard on the radio that there was a 10 mile back up to the Bay Bridge that weekend. Must have been for the seagull. That was some horrible weather!

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    LLB, I've been trying to catch up on all the posts from the last several days. Congratulations. Don't be disappointed at all. As you noted, a lot of people didn't even start in that weather. You not only started, you persevered for a metric and did it in your stylish shower cap. Way to go. You should wear that cyber-medal with pride.
    Frends know gud humors when dey is hear it. ~ Da Crockydiles of ZZE.

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    Jen, sure you can do it! May 2005, I couldn't do 3 miles on my hybrid without a lot of struggle, and my biggest ride by the end of 2005 was 20. Of course, technically, I haven't made my century yet, so I'm no expert. I think you have the right attitude about your body. Middle-age athletes have power AND wisdom!

    Do you have an indoor training program for the winter?

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    Oct 2006
    latelate,,yes congrats for us all who even attempted the Seagull. Im so tickled that I found this site,,after that ride (which was my last before foot surgery) I just felt so,,,beaten. Yes we did finish it,,but still,,I just had never had a century feel so...umm,, ala "survival ~ mode"ish (jersey word!!)...there were truly times during my ride I couldnt believe I was actually going so slow!!! Now, after reading so many great posts,,and reasons "why,,or why not" or how each of us handled the ride,,Im FINALLY going to wear the famous tee...proudly!! hmmm,,now that my surgery went well,,wonder if I could muster up another ride before we all start w/spinning inside!!! great site!
    I think for myself and choose my own hero's,,my goal is to be one of them.



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