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Thread: Race Reports

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    Race Reports

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    Okay, here's a new thread which I'm sure will fill up as the season progresses.

    I've been road and mtn bike racing all season and I'm kinda tired. I've delayed my cyclocross training (weights and running) way too long. Just last week I got back on the cross bike for a trail ride and again this week.

    Tonight was a training ride/race simulation in Golden Gate Park. Of all the local courses, this has always been the toughest for me because of all the sand (yes, it's right next to the ocean). I almost talked myself out of going but decided I needed the practice so I'd go.

    The session was put on by one of the big mack-daddies of norcal cross, John Funke. He's a good guy. I show up and there's about 25 guys and three girls (me, a CAT1 road racer who's a former pro mtn biker, and a really young strong girl).

    The entire group does a couple of easy pre-laps. I blew one of the sandy dismount sections and gapped and lost the group (so I just made up the course). The second lap was better and I hung with the other girls. Then we did a 3-lap race followed by a recovery and another 3-lap race. I did okay. My skills are rusty and I need to tweak some stuff on my bike, but all in all a good night of training.

    I'm stronger this season than I've ever been, so that's good. Now, I just need to polish my skills and grow balls.

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    Sounds like you are doing GREAT!

    The only thing is that growing balls is a really hard thing for a girl. Maybe you could try some of that testosterone that the guys are all taking!

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    Sounds like polishing the skills might be the easier of the two tasks, but let me know if you figure out how to accomplish the latter. I could use a set of those sometimes.




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