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    My fifty mile commute!

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    I decided that since our big organized club ride was a good 15 miles on the way to Bloomington-Normal, where the League of ILlinois Bicyclists meeting was, and because the host there had opened up his house to anybody who wanted to come a day early, that I'd save a little gas money and ride out there, spend the night, go to the meeting and ride back. It's 50 miles between 'em (going the zig-zag
    I was going to ride to the *ride* and then do it, but I ended up having to carry 3 5 gallon and 3 3-gallon (full of course) jugs... and even on the Xtracycle I thought that was a bit much ...
    I left at 2:45; my host had suggested I take 150 but at least around here that's nuts. I decided to wander north and take back roads, and they were fine. I was there well before dark.
    Then we had the meeting and there's always a ride right after; they were just going to do a 15 mile loop so ... we started out, and, well, it turned into a 25 mile ride, and we had a flat, and then we had to stop at the bike shop... where I bought a light (which took a good ten minutes to install backwards, then forwards, then figure out the batteries weren't working, then have the poor swamped shop guy figure out to take the little slip out that keeps 'em from connecting).
    Should I mention that I worked pretty hard keeping up with the guys on that 25 miles? (I backed off for part of it and one of the guys hung back with me, which was nice). I had me two bananas in my bags, though, and a bottle of gatorade and a bottle of tea and a bottle of water, and we'd had a full 6 inch sandwich at lunch with chips and salsa.
    At 4:00 I took off for Mahomet... and did my darndest to keep to four minute miles (did I mention I'm on the Xtracycle... and the back tire was at 65 lbs instead of 100, I discovered when I got home?). It was good and I was retraicing my steps so I saved time by not having to check the map quite as often... so I arrived at Mahomet, 50 miles later, in the 7:45 dusk. I still had a banana left. Did I mention that I had a major tailwind for the southern miles? (ANd I'd had an almost-as-strong one in the other direction teh day before. I was glad to put up with a little drizzle for that!) Some of those were 3-minute miles :-) (My speedometer is busted.)
    Putting the bike *in* the car was a little tedious By then it was dark... I was glad I bought that light. My theory is you can't have too many lights.
    My legs were *tired* - but only of the hard pushing; they only spoke to me a little today (and that was mainly because I rode hard and then jumped in the car; the little cruise through the residential to where my car was parked wasn't a proper cooldown). Three bottles of tea in the same day (or maybe it was the banana?) ... I was WIDE awake... I got me two big beers... which the checkout lady ensconced in the wine-bottle holder bags as if it were a fine Pinot Grigio, which made me smile, 'cause I felt a little grungy in my stinky clothes, buying nothing but two big cheap beers... she could have treated me like a bum but she said, "this will keep then nice and cold for you!"

    I did drink both of 'em... slept very well Looking forward to riding my aluminum bike some time this week...
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