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    Nov 2004
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    weather outside is frightful

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    Why does winter riding always have to be such an effort? My daughter and I saw a few rays of sunshine, donned our cold weather gear and finally got out of the house for a ride (between days of rain and wind and cold)... We were feeling a little soft and flabby, especially with all the layers, and hadn't been out in a while. Still, we set out knowing that once we got rolling it would feel great. But no... it was a discouraging fiasco. The road shoulders were full of muck and debris, got TWO flat tires and had to change them in the muck and cold and spent another hour cleaning bikes (and the kitchen floor) after returning home. No wonder it's hard to stay motivated this time of year. grrr.

    --negative nelly (aka LKrider)

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    Sep 2006
    Sounds like awful weather. In Australia it is just as bad but for opposite reasons. It's close to 100 degrees which leaves you with no energy for biking, even if you did want to venture out in the sun.


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    i understand

    lkrider-I understand what you mean but haven't had to deal with real winter for a few years now. Keep venturing outside as you'll show people you can persevere . Remember though that you can still use a trainer & those spinervals dvd''s...

    As juliet says, I have no desire to ride outside today..its 30c..

    Winter will be over soon LK..




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