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    WA, Australia

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    Quote Originally Posted by bikerchick68
    Love all the pics of everyone! This has been SO fun to see....

    also appreciate the lesson in "how to speak/understand Australian" I fly to Sydney on Sept 5! getting excited now!!!!
    Woohoo - Give my regards to Sydney and have a BALL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slinkedog
    I hope this works. Me at the Cinderella in March. Don't you love the booties?
    do those booties keep your feet warm? i have the "winter" style mtb shoes and my feet still freeze! wondering if i used booties over the top of them if it would help.
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    oh, yes, they make a great difference. they keep your feet warmer and dryer if there is precipitation. I wear them on most winter rides (temps below 50!)
    for six tanks of gas you could have bought a bike.

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    It was rainy that day, plus, my feet were already wet before the ride because the parking lot (field) was a sodden mess. Water was squishing up through my cleats. It's a good thing I had those things (they're my husband's from his cycling-in-Indiana and Chicago days) or I never would have even gotten started because my feet would have frozen!!
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    south west of Western Australia
    Quote Originally Posted by postiechic
    indeedy we do...
    but posties here get to deliver on motorbikes, not pushies...dammit!
    when it's a parcel, it's too big for the postie, so the man in the white van delivers it. From my home office window I can see the traffic coming into our quiet street. When I see the postie van come into the street, I just sit there eyes glued to see if he's gonna come down my driveway (I've usually got something on order from somewhere in the world waiting to be delivered...)... I just get excited every time I see his van....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mags...
    When I see the postie van come into the street, I just sit there eyes glued to see if he's gonna come down my driveway ... I just get excited every time I see his van....

    This reminds me of when I was a kid watching for the postie van. Funny how that excitement never leaves you. Our postie vans are red which somehow makes it even more exciting!
    If it's not one thing it's another

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    Thank you everyone for such nice comments on my bike!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bikingmomof3
    Okay, now I need one of those jerseys. It is so nice to see them on someone, to see how they hang/fit. Is it true to size? I love, love, love Shebeest and just bought some from TE, but was uncertain ow this one fit. Please let me know so I can add more to my list of "must haves".

    BTW, your bike is sweet.
    The jersey fits well in the size I chose for me (3X). The sleeves are non-binding and as you can see the rest gives me a loose but not baggy coverage of my, ahm, generous self. There isn't elastic in the hem but it glides smoothly over my rear assets and doesn't ride up. It has a more feminine cut (slightly princess?) that I think would be flattering to many body types. I don't know if that helps you or not as so much of fit is subjective to our own tastes and foibles.

    Quote Originally Posted by mimitabby
    Hey guys, way way up, the second or third post in this thread i am wearing that other sheebeest jersey, the one with orange and the daisies. I like it a lot!
    I noticed it in your pictures. If the plus sized one came with orange sleeves instead of yellow - it'd be here already!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lisa H.
    Patty, what is that bike anyway? It looks great. Is it a hybrid?
    They call it a commuter bike. She's a 2006 Novara Fusion (WSD). She came fully loaded (bell, rack, disc brakes, one dyno light, one battery light, internal hub gear), has slightly curved flat handlebars with a cross piece and she's not light. Probably around 30 lbs. For commuting I usually have a handlebar bag and a trunk back on her (as in the above pictures). For errands, I add a pair of grocery panniers and for leisure just go the the handlebar bag and the underseat toolbag. In all 3 set ups she handles well. The tires are 700cc with the front tire width being a 35 and the rear being a 37.

    Quote Originally Posted by Deb W
    And the dynohub too. You don't even waste batteries
    She's got both a battery headlight and the dynohub light. I use rechargeables in the battery light. Besides being pro recharagable batteries for environmental reasons, I'd go broke buying them because I have yet to consistently remember to turn the light off when I do use it. I rode most of the summer with just the dynolight and have just broken down and put batteries in the other now that it's getting light later.

    Thanks again for all the nice things everyone posted!

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    Mrs. KnottedYet
    gozlin7 "oh and wish there were plus-sized long-sleeved versions!"

    oh, forget long sleeve jerseys, the moment you get warmed up they are a *&^%.

    Get a wild pair of arm skins! Maybe some AV arm skins (you'd have to find someone here who'll part with them or wait till next time).
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    Okay, here I am and wearing a mighty fine jersey, too!
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    You look great! I am so envious that I missed out on a jersey. I want to be in the club.

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    -Mahatma Gandhi

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    Olney, MD

    New bike, new picture

    I think having a new bike warrants posting a new picture

    How do we make this thread sticky?

    I'd rather be swimming...biking...running...and eating cheesecake...

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    Great picture, great bike! No wonder you're smiling.

    “Hey, clearly failure doesn’t deter me!”

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    OK, Nicole (aka MDHillSlug), I think I've got the same bike as you, and I've got a red helmet, so I sure as heck hope we don't wear the same color jersey tomorrow or we'll look like those dorky guys who ride in matching clothes! My usual riding partner and I always joke how they look like the kids from the Sound of Music.


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    New Jersey
    Here's me on my mtn bike with Sue Haywood coaching through a tough uphill switchback. A group of friends and I went to West Virginia last weekend for an all girls weekend. Sue was one of the guides/coaches. It was an awesome weekend!
    I don't have any pics of me on my road bike, but will post if/when I get some.

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    Great pictures Tater, MDHillSlug & kerrybelle!!

    Tater -- I'm envious too -- I want to be in the club & wear that cool
    jersey ......maybe next time....

    MDHillSlug I like your jersey too! What kind is it??

    Peace & Love,


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