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    nutrition while riding

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    Ann, I also sweat a lot (really a lot) and I've found my camelback to be a boon on those long rides. If you're going for time, or if you're in an area where there are no refueling sites, it's great to prevent the lightheadedness and cramping that come with the early stages of dehydration. I fill the camelback with water (it's a 70-oz) and then use the two bottles for UltraFuel, a powder from Vitamin Shoppe. I add a little salt to the UltraFuel, also.

    As for bars, I recently discovered Harvest Bars, which I really like. I cut them into thirds and eat one piece at a time. (I usually can't stomach any more than that.)

    Gel is something I carry in a flask and use frequently. When it's really hot outside, I find that even if I can't get a bar down, the gel will stay down. Make sure you chase it with water, though.

    Other assorted foods that work well for me: peanut butter sandwiches, bananas, nuts, dried fruit. It really helps if you can fuel on-the-fly. I drop to the back of the pack so I don't slow anybody else down (or scare anybody if I swerve).

    I'm sure you realize the importance of providing your muscles with the proper nutrition, before, during, and after the ride. You can't be successful unless your engine is fueled.

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    On my bike

    Talking Hydration

    Yes for the camelback! I keep mine filled with water & in the bottom of the fridge. It stays fairly cold (even in Arizona) and I'm much more likely to sip & stay hydrated.

    I put ultrafuel or cytomax in my bottle with ice cubes. I, too, have to dilute it because it's way too sweet & strong.

    My bike is so small that I can only get one water bottle cage on the downtube - so a camelback is essential.

    Kim in Tucson
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    Thumbs up camelback... power-type bars...

    yes on the camelback idea here too!

    Had the camelback for almost a year, then went out one day without it and realized how hot it was on my back. I now have a 70 oz Platypus bladder & tube in a big fanny pack that I wear low on my hips. The fanny pack actually keeps the water quite cool, has more room in it for keys, phone, etc (all in ziploc baggies of course!), and keeps my back cooler than the camelback backpack. If you've already got a big fanny pack, the bladder and tube were less than $20, so it was a lot cheaper than buying one of the camelback fanny-pack styles... just be sure that the fanny pack has load-balancing straps like a backpack would...

    I agree on the power-type bars - I usually cut mine in half ahead of time, then put 'em back in the wrapper.

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    I have tried lots of different gels and bars, and have always come back to Power Bar peanut butter. It has no chocolate to melt all over your gloves or fingers, and seems to digest easy for me. The only thing is, if you ride in the fall in the Midwest, keep it in your pocket or close to your body, or it will turn into a rock!

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    Thumbs up luna bar fan!

    Hey Gals

    i am a big luna bar fan (from Clif Bar). they are designed for women and the Chai flavor is the best!

    i have been using my hydration system with a bladder for years (from MEC www.mec.ca). but i switch to water bottles and under seat pack for racing. it just lightens the load a little.


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    Nutrition during rides

    Fig Newtons work better than anything else out there for me. When I can't seem to peddle another inch, they give me a second wind! Luna bars are good too, but I think the fig newton's are better and digest easier.

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    Give SportLegs a try

    Hey, you might want to take a look at the "Hormones" thread. Some of your fellow members were talking about new SportLegs, and we've just offered to send curious folks some FREE for the next couple of weeks.

    SportLegs are a new supplement that uses special kinds of healthy calcium and magnesium to help your body naturally reduce lactic acid accumulation- so you get way less "burn" during your ride, a little more natural endurance, and way less soreness afterward. Yeah, we know it sounds too good to be true. That's why we want to let you try it yourselves, and compare it to whatever you're using now. (Honestly, haven't we always known that Fig Newtons RULE?)


    NOTE FROM FORUM ADMINISTRATOR: SportLegs has been notified that commercial posts are inappropriate in this forum. We're leaving this post in-place for those of you who may be interested in this product -- however, Team Estrogen currently has no experience with this product and therefore the presence of this post on this forum should not be construed as an endorsement.

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    I haven't been doing this for very long, but a friend told me to use honey - so I tried it. I was worried that it would be too sweet and would leave me shaky or pukie feeling. I LOVE IT! Just don't cut your mouth on the gu flask! yikes - that hurts.



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