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    May 2005

    a star to steer by

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    Hi, friends - I have exciting news!

    I'm rider #2073 in the Seagull Century in MD, 3 days before my 47 birthday.
    I'm still on my hybrid, but loving to ride again. Thank you all so much for helping me over the rough patch after my crash. I'm determined to make my century goal despite the setback, so I registered. Now it's REAL!

    Will anyone else from TE be there? I'm from PA and there are, of course, centuries here, but the 2 trainers at the gym who are most helpful to me recommended this century above all others for my first. It means a weekend road trip - but I decided I'm worth it!

    Maybe I'll be on the road bike, maybe the hybrid. Don't care as long as I'm on a bike. This evening, I was swooping along our country roads singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."


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    Jul 2006

    Salisbury Must-Sees

    Hey girlie! I won't be at the ride, but I'm a Salisbury native. The Seagull Century is supposed to be a blast. When you're in town (we used to call it smallsbury as kids, but it's gotten a lot bigger since.) swing by Vinnie's La Roma if you have a pizza craving. Hands down, they have the best pies in town. They're just a few blocks from campus.

    Enjoy the shore and good luck on the ride!!

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    Indianapolis, IN

    Thumbs up

    SWEEEEEET! Have a safe ride and a great time. You'll have to tell us all about it when you get back. Congrats on getting back on the horse so to say.
    Don't think of it as getting hot flashes. Think of it as your inner child playing with matches



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