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Thread: how slow am I?

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    Jun 2005

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    Ok, Ok, I just have to reply now. Most of this thread has been quit entertaining, I was thinking there was a flame war coming for sure.

    Anyway back to my point 13.5 or 13.9, whatever the first poster said is a fine speed, if you feel that you like it. My very first ride on my road bike two years ago was a whole 11.98 mph. Yes, I remember it exactly becuase I knew I was slow, and knew I was pathetic. Ok so I weighed 240lbs. But the ride was mostly flat with a slight false flat. I got to the end of the false flat and thought I would die. Fast forward almost two years later and 17-18mph is an avearge ride for me. Oh and I got down to 185, I know that is what helped the most. And for me personally I'll never be fast enough for what I want to be. But do I impose that on others NO, I really don't care what you average or how far you go as long as you are moving. I really and truely like to go fast because it makes me feel free, and and adds a little bit of danger and out of control. Kind of like riding a roller coaster. To me it is so liberating to know that I am going say 25mph under my own power and not some motor powered machine.

    But what does gall me in all of this is how you attacked Lenusik and then RoadRaven. They were stating there opinions on the topic. Ok, so most of you feel that Lenusik came off as arrogent and rude, and hurt your feelings, so ignore the comments then don't encourage it by replying to it. Even I did a double take and said yeah right when I read that post, only two women I know that can do those speeds all the rest would be men. And by the way both those ladies lapped me three times in a crit.

    You know what annoyes me even more and I think at least one of you has been in on it. Those threads that end up "I'm so thin and scrawny that size 0 and 2 don't fit me." You know some of us can litterally never be that small, I weighed 150 pounds in high school right on for my height and build and was a blasted 16. Got down to one point recently to only 5 pounds above weight where I could go into the military, and had to lay down on the bed to button a size 10. Which if one considers the change in sizing it would have been like an old 14. As far as cycling clothes you'd have to cut off my breasts to even fit into the biggest of the regular size womens jerseys in most lines.

    Oh wait I have another one lets put each other down based on miles we ride. I know I'll be toward the bottem on that list. Just because you can ride 300k which is less then a double century doesn't make you all that just like an average of 26mph doesn't. Are both admirable, very much so, would I like to be able and go out right now and do both, you bet. But I'll bet that double century comes long before that 26. Ok the rant is over.

    I don't care what speed you ride or how far you go, just ride your bike.

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    Apr 2006
    Years riding seriously: 1
    Miles per Year: 700/1,000
    Terrain: hilly, city
    Wind: Slight-Moderate
    Heat: cool
    Avg Speed: ~12.2 mph
    for six tanks of gas you could have bought a bike.

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    Jun 2006
    The middle of North America
    So here is my recommendation, let's see if we can post something that others can compare to:

    Years riding: 2
    Miles per Year: 700/1,000
    Terrain: Rolling (options: flat, rolling, hilly, city)
    Wind: Moderate (options: none, slight, moderate, windy)
    Heat: Hot (options: cold, cool, warm, hot)
    Avg Speed: 14.7 mph / 23.66 kph (this is what your computer says, or what your speed averaged over the entire ride, not just what you did on the flats sections)

    Maybe this will help those of us interested in how we are doing to "compare" ourselves with people doing at least somewhat the same ride. I know there are more factors than the above, such as age, weight but I'm trying to keep it short.[/QUOTE]

    I LIKE this. It can give us cause to celebrate our acheivements

    Years riding seriously: 1
    Miles per Year: 800 -1200 (season's not over yet) excluding winter trainer
    Terrain: rolling with at least 1 good climb
    Wind: High except for 1 day a year
    Heat: cool, cold, warm, hot (had 4 layers on one day)
    Avg Speed: ~13.5 - 14.5 oh 14 MPH !


    It's about the journey and being in the moment, not about the destination

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    Jun 2005
    Bayside, New York
    I will agree with CR400 about comments that were thrown back and forward between some of the gals on this thread. I believe most of women who post here are grown up, intelligent and friendly people, which leads to believe that one can handle a situation much better than it was. I don't think that some of the remarks that were posted were any better than an ignorant ( to some) posts by Lenusik or RoadRaven. Anyway, conversation about drinks way better than this blahhhhh conversation

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    Apr 2006
    Oh, one more thing...when it comes to weather it varies so much...just pick whatever your recent rides have been. Base all your info on your last few "normal" rides.
    As we must account for every idle word, so must we account for every idle silence." ~Benjamin Franklin

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    Jun 2005
    Hmmm.... somebody in Trollville might just be keeping score on how many pages we've put into this... but lots of it *has* been interesting. (I'm thinking that the clever interpretation of "average" and "opinions" and friendliness ... Sorta reminds me of some of the messages thrown at us from politicians...)

    I'm not at all galled that somebody finally tossed back a little of the "from my sanctified heights I would be most glad to entertain you" in the same kind of form. I have to disagree that attitude can't be judged in postings. I'm not saying it was a wonderful thing -- but it ain't galling, and the comments kept coming.
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    Jun 2004
    Years riding seriously: 2 years & 9 days!
    Miles per Year: 7277 (that's 1/2 of my 2 year grand total.... so a good average)
    Terrain: rolly, hilly, town with some stop lights/signs or open desert usually...
    Wind: moderate to stong
    Heat: desert (upwards of 110-120 in the summer... and yes... i ride in the afternoon after work in the summertime!)
    Avg Speed: ~13.74 (my average using all rides for the 2 years according to bikejournal) (13.66 for just this year alone)

    i'll add one more:

    elevation gain: 201,316 for this year (jan 1 to jul 4th rides) 343,945 for last year

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    Jun 2005
    Years riding 2, serious around 5 months, started in March.

    Miles per year: Bike has 3,525 miles total on it, 1,326 so far this season. I live in the north so riding in the winter takes a really dedicated cyclist to get miles in outside.

    Terrain: it really depends on my route that day mostly rolling to flat with a few good hills thown in. A few rides this year have been on steep route though.

    Wind: really does change daily try not to ride in winds over 20mph.

    Heat: Moderate, it can range anywhere between 95 to 30 during the spring to October riding season. Did a race this year at start time it was 28 degrees.

    Average: between 17-18.5 mph, my bike journal ave is 16.77. this includes my much slower rides in freezing January to early March.

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    Aug 2005
    Central Virginia
    "The bicycle was the first machine to redefine successfully the notion of what is feminine. The bicycle came to symbolize something very precious to women - their independence."Sally Fox

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    Dec 2005
    WA State

    Some Perspective

    RAAM Winners 2006
    distance 3,042 miles
    terrain - varied, flat and windy to very mountainous
    temp- death valley to cold of night

    men's winner: Daniel Wyss, avg speed 13.36 mph
    women's winner: Shanna Armstrong, avg speed 10.63 mph
    "Sharing the road means getting along, not getting ahead" - 1994 Washington State Driver's Guide

    visit my flickr stream http://flic.kr/ps/MMu5N



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