Hi all. Thanks for all your support and advice. This past weekend I completed my first 10 mile ride. The only rough part was a portion of my route where there was an incline with the sun coming up over the mountain in my eyes and a strong wind against me. PLUS I discovered my bike doesn't have very LOW gears. UGH My lowest gear ratio is 1:1.5 instead of 1:1 or even better, 1:0.78. My legs were killing me by the time I got back home! BUT, it was a great workout and can't wait to repeat it. In response to my last thread regarding times and distances, I was mearly inquiring out of curiosity, not comparing. I do only challenge myself and compare my own progressions. Thanks for the advice anyway.

Must add another gear sprocket to bike and change out really OLD (10yrs) center pull brakes. THEN I'LL BE OFF AGAIN! Happy cycling all!