What I have found, is that Specialized BG's tend to be my favorite because (and I've tried a few other saddles) they seem to be the only saddle that elevates me off the girly parts, and is designed specifically to do so. Which of course leads to the only place left to support you and that is the sit bones. All other saddles I tried mushed and numbed me in the girl parts and we can't have that. I had the Jett (143 mm) that came with my '07 Ruby Comp and I loved the "clearance". However the sit bone part was too hard for me and also I also got the feeling that my sit bones veered closer to the edge. It got to the point where it was painful to even go 5 miles. I tried other saddles with cutouts and realized that I can't have cutouts because the saddle around the cutouts hurt. The BGs sort of separate the middle of the saddle more so it's not really a cutout like some of the others. Then I was in a bike shop and they had one that looked just like the Jett but with gel pads - this one was the Avatar. This same bike shop sold alot of other Specialized saddles and had their foam sit bone measurement system. I tried that and found I was on the line between a 143 and 155. So, wanting a little more real estate I got the Avatar 155 and it is significantly more comfortable, still no problems in front and the gel helped. Any logo on my Avatar is way far from any contact my butt might make, compared to the Jett which is indeed raised a bit more and closer to the top of the saddle. I wished the gel pads were a little thicker. Right now I can only go about 42 miles and my sit bones still start to get sore a little, probably because the gel compresses. I didn't get many long rides on it as I got it later in the season. So far it's the best for me and we'll see how next season goes.