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    Wet weather tires?

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    I recently moved from a dry climate (desert) to a wet climate and would like some advise for a good traction road tire.

    Right now I have Armadillo (Kevlar) tires still on my bike left from the desert days of thorns and such. My regular tires are Conti 2000 which I love but they don't offer much in the way of traction for the slicker roads.

    Any advise would be welcomed as I'm waiting for the rain to break for a bit so I can get a ride in.........gotta love the rainy NW.

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    I like Vredestein Fortezzas in the wet. They also tend to be a little less $$$ than other kevlar (aka "folding") road tires-usually in the $25-30 range. I also have had good luck in the rain with the Michelin Axial Pros...but at $50 a pop I think of them more as a race tire. I agree that the Conti's feel a bit too slippery when wet.



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