Speaking of Idaho... when i was about 22 years old tops, I went bike riding with a group of friends of mine on some "nice" 95 degree summer day in Boise, IDaho where i lived at that time. We went less than 1/2 of a mile when we all decided that it was too hot and no fun.
I didn't ride again until my husband gave me a 10 dollar bike it was a PUGH and had little short straight handlebars and 3 speeds, only 2 worked though. I couldn't go much over 9mph for whatever reason, and after not very long, i literally ran out of steam; could not muster the strength to go very far.

He bought me a better bike, because by now he was in training for the Seattle to Portland ride and rather gung ho, but even with the better bike (with cool click shifters on the handlebar ends) I still had no "guts" so to speak.
So, on that bike i learned a lot of stuff; shifting, sensible use of my energy; but after one gruelling and all day 35 mile ride on mostly flats (my poor husband, we must have been going 6mph !!!) I decided i didn't like to ride more than 5 miles or 10 at the very most at a time.
Meanwhile, he had our sons training for the STP and Tom at 10 and Jo at 12 did a 200 mile bike ride (in 3 days, 35 miles the first day, 80 the second and the rest that sunday)..
time passed, boys left home, husband lost his best biking buddy (moved to California) and he had no one to ride with.He had just gotten a diagnosis of plantar fasciatis, so we couldn't go hiking anymore; He was depressed and gaining weight; and i was gaining cholesterol.
So I decided, i'd start riding again. The year I turned 50, he trained me (my very own personal trainer!) so I could do that STP in two days. He bought me a new bike on mother's day; 6 weeks before the STP (it was my raleigh cross) to help me get the ride done even though I wanted to do it on my trek. No, I"m not stubborn, no, really i'm not.
As you know, your significant other is NEVER easy to train or teach anything; but we persevered and I did it.
Even though I did not enjoy that ride and never want to do it again; I am very glad to have done it because that one ride is what turned me into a biker... at the age of 50.