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    Hey, I can join this one now too -- turned 50 in April. Feeling very good and fit (and I won't even say "for my age")! Running 3x a week (3.5 miles each time), and riding my bike nearly daily now that I'm retired in Belize. Most rides are short (7-9 miles) commutes to/from town for groceries in 4-6 stops daily at all the little stores and fruit stands, so nothing like the long rides I used to do in NC but fun nonetheless. Living car free down here, so my bike is my transportation!

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    Awesome Emily.

    Living car-free makes me feel strangely chic anarchronistic .
    Turning 53 in 2 months.
    My Personal blog on cycling & other favourite passions.
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    Well, I'm 2 years older than the first time I responded to this post.
    I feel fit, but it seems, more prone to injury. I have to be better about stretching, etc. I still subscribe to the theory, "I think I'll die before I get old."
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    I love hearing about how many of us are more fit now that we're over 50 than we were as younger women. I'm 51 and have been more fit and active during the last 6 years than during any other time in my life. I attribute my current, active lifestyle to the wisdom of age and having more time and energy to devote to physical activity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OakLeaf View Post
    Happy birthday Fredwina - so sorry to hear about your mother. Does she ride? Exercise of any kind helps stave off cognitive decline...
    No, she doesn't. Also got a brother with Type II diab. have offered to buy both a bike, but they've turned me down.

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    I am 63- have been riding and weight training for at least five years, and most days have energy enough to leap out of the coffin. I am noticing that in this last year, probably due to the stress of being a 24/7 caregiver for my 90 year old blind, diabetic, COPD FIL, that I definitely value the occasional afternoon nap. I am at the same weight I was in college after a long hard struggle to lose the extra 125 pounds life added. Unfortunately my skin is not shrinking as fast as my body is so I definitely have flappy bye bye arms, jelly belly and wobbly thighs...... sigh.

    Currently training for my third cross country New Orleans to Niagara falls along the Missisppi, next may.

    looking forward to more good years on my bike.

    Katy, Texas
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    noting that it took me three tries to log in this morning... I hope to be doing lots of Kicks at 56 next year as still alive at 55 has been an up and down injury year Looking forward to planning a bike tour with my 23 and 25 yr old kids and the bike hermit of course!
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    I'm 55 and think I'm fairly fit, back in my late 20's/early30's I was a runner. I want to get back into running - that was my plan late last year, but last December 2nd, I broke my ankle in 3 places and its been a long recovery stretch -orthopod wanted me a year out before I started jogging. I spent alot of time on my bike. Need to do some weight lifting and maybe try a spin class this winter. My biggest issue with being over the age of 50 - is lack of training buddies, DGF doesn't share my 'exercise' enjoyment. Anyone else with the same problem of lack of exercising buddies? Any suggestions?
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    Back here again after many, many months. Wondering if there's a thread on "Anyone Here Over 60?" :-)

    I just turned 68 in July and not long after I had signed up to travel with Trek to bike in Mallorca, i broke my wrist. Luckily I had purchased trip insurance. It would have been an awesome trip, and I hope to sign up again.

    Anyway, good to be back here again. At this time in life, I'm having some physical challenges, but I will never give in. (Or shouldn't I ever say never?) Hope to be back on my Trek bike again soon!

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    Fifty six and in better shape than I can think of in my memory, but I think I am just approaching normal. I went trail walking with some minor rock climbing with a friend today who doesn't get a lot of exercise and who works a lot of hours. I doubt she could out bike me, but she can walk and climb as well as I can and for as many hours. A year ago I would not have been able to keep up.
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    What a great post! I'm gonna be 56 next mo!!! How did that happen? I'm a long way from being strong or really active, but.... I'm way more active the last several years than the previous 50.

    It's been really fun finally learning to push my body a bit to get stronger. I hope I can continue being active for a very long time.

    I have learned it is so important at this age to never slow down. I'm afraid if I stop, I might not be able to start again.

    I have relatives in their early 60s. They are totally inactive and overweight with diabetes. They would be so much more fun if we could do active things with them. I worry about their health. I guess they are good motivation to take care of myself and stay healthy and active. But so sad for them.
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    Now this a group that I'm proud to join. I feel so inspired after reading all of your stories. I turned 55 in May of this year and started looking for a new bike a few weeks later. I didn't even make the connection at the time. All I could think of was that I just realized I missed biking (after 8-10 years away from it) and wanted a new bike to start riding. So maybe I subcounsciously gave myselt a great 55th birthday present. The great thing is that I always enjoyed cycling before--I love it now! I love the way it makes me feel when I am riding, and the way I feel like I have so much more energy afterwards. I had a lot of fun this summer and fall just getting used to riding again, and I have learned much--both on the bike and from this forum. Now I want to keep riding and learning. I want to set goals for myself--improve my skills, go for longer rides, maybe soon/eventually get involved in some group rides and charity events. The exercise, along with feeling healthier, is a great bonus, but the main thing is that I'm having fun, and I look forward to having even more fun!!!

    I think I appreciate everything so much more than I could when I was younger. The only downside: It is a little more of a challenge to get/stay in shape. My riding is really limited to weekends (when I can manage that) this time of year, and I can really tell the difference when I have been off of the bike for a week and start again. I rode last Sunday, and then couldn't ride again until today, and it felt like I was starting all over again. But, on the plus side, at this point in my life I have learned there is always a solution. My plan now is to get a trainer (as soon as my wallet will allow) so that I can stay in shape for those weekend rides--and for next spring. And I am so looking forward to next spring!!!!

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    over 50?

    Hi All,
    I am 62 and spending a lot of time in the gym and on the road with my husband. We are riding around southern California and loving it.

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    56 as of this past October... and AARP has been hounding me with junk mail for years. wish they'd save paper and just skip my name
    no regrets!

    My ride: 2003 Specialized Allez Comp - zebra (men's 52cm), Speedplay X5 pedals, Koobi Au Enduro saddle

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    spazzdog ( I have a dog that fits that name). I know what you mean about AARP mail. I wish there was a way to opt out.



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