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    Question buying new bike-"Women's" or "Men's"

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    I am new to cycling,(was a runner), am looking at getting a new road bike. I prefer to get a Cannondale (my husband has one and is a fan) . They offer bike designed for women.(differences are in break handles, frame ect.) This seems a logical choice. However, I am 5'8" and am thinking a men's bike may be just fine. Anybody notice significant differences?

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    Try them both. It all depends on how you're built. I'm 5' 7" but I have long legs and a very short torso, as well as freakishly small hands. I need the women's specific for the shorter top tube and the smaller brake levers.
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    if you go the bikes board there is a lot of discssion on this subject.
    The usual advice is to try lots of bikes, and don't get sucked into something that is designed for a very sepcific body type ( WSD) unless it works really well for you.

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    If you go for a mens frame you can still have women specific handlebars. I'm quite short ( 5'4" ) . I haven't got a womens frame, but I do have womens handlebars which are a slightly different shape so reaching the brake levers is no problem.

    Being slightly taller you're lucky as you should have a good choice of frames to go for. Like Irulan said, try out as many as you can till you find one that feels right. Your LBS should also be able to help you to see which frame fits you better than another.

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    Get measured by the professional who is selling you the bike. Every brand is different. Some brands had me listed as needing a 50-51 cm, but with TREK, I was listed as needing a 52 cm frame. I was also a candidate for women's specific designs for some brands, but with TREK, I didn't have to go that route. If you do have to get a WSD bike, make sure you can get the 54 cm wheels and not the 53.......you'll pedal harder to go the same distance and the bigger tires. That's just what was told to me. I love my TREK 1500 (2004 edition........check it out.......lots of bike for the money!). It fits me perfectly!

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