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    Question Texting while driving!

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    I just got in from a lovely ride, sunny day, sparkling waterside section, tailwind for some of it....

    I tried not to let the cars spoil my day; one pulling out on us despite seeing us (she had to have as we were right in front of her!) and a couple of our nice sweeping turns being ruined by cars killing themselves to get past us and then stopping right in front of us so we ran out of road....

    Then as I was near the end of my ride and wanting to turn right I waited for the car alongside me to pull forward enough so I could indicate and get behind him to pull off....he was going so slowly and when I looked to see why he wasn't moving with the rest of the traffic I saw he was looking down! Wait a minute...he was texting on his cell phone!

    This guy was driving right alongside me, oblivious, and my life is in the hands of drivers like this? They don't see us when they are actually looking at the road so what hope does that give us??

    Anyone else had a simelar experience? Please tell me it's not just me?

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    texting is something I yell at my roommate for doing. I actually told her that she should consider how she felt if she killed me because she was texting. If not me, another cyclist.

    No one should ever talk on the phone or text or drink while driving.

    while we're at it, lets just raise gas prices to 10$/gallon and make them all get on bikes, or start using public transportation...

    **Ducks for cover while the missiles start surging about her**

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    a teenager killed a regular poster on some of the other boards (you may have known him as Biker Billy or under several other pseudonyms) because he was texting while driving and hit the cyclist from behind. Texing whilst driving is very very dangerous.
    "Sharing the road means getting along, not getting ahead" - 1994 Washington State Driver's Guide

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