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    I'm the only one allowed to whine

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    Snappypix -

    How 'bout we make a deal? We each want something we're not sure we should get. Even though we know we really should. Sort of.

    If you buy the bike, I'll buy the Brooks; and we'll share financial suffering in spirit.

    Together, we can do this. Arms linked in solidarity, we can march (ride) off to the poor house, steadfast in our knowlege that in the real world (pink fluffy cyclists and lycra) we did the RIGHT thing!

    "If Americans want to live the American Dream, they should go to Denmark." - Richard Wilkinson

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    How many miles will that bike love you back?

    I've looked at cost/mile and cost/entertainment hour with bike purchases. From that perspective, they are pretty cheap and even non-cyclists don't have a comeback.

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    Thinking Practically, the Ruby might make sense.

    Are there on imported goods? It might be a bargain to get the bike now, and then you wouldn't pay taxes. I don't mnow anything about these sorts of things, but if you truly love this bike enough to give up the one you PLANNED to move, it might make sense to do.

    After all, the shipping costs will be the same for the bike of your dreams and any other bike.

    I have no idea what a Ruby costs (even with $1000 off.)

    Can you get a decent price for your other bikes?

    But if you've already decided to only ship a certain number of bikes, try to stay within that parameter.


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    On The Edge
    With very heavy heart, and after a rather giddy, sleepless night, I'm afraid that commonsense has prevailed and I'm now relegated to pressing my nose up against the glass again.
    Decided the logistics and cost of getting an extra bike home (including shipping costs, insurance, etc) were too much - combined with the unexpected expense of the bike.
    Ho hum. Real life sucks!
    But thank you so much for all your wonderful words of encouragement and support - that's why I LOVE this place - it's a sanctuary where everyone just understands that it's ALL about the bike (and accessories, and essential sundry purchases!)

    At least now I have a dream bike that will one day be mine (all mine!), when the time is right!

    So, Knotted Yet, I'm afraid to let you down. It's all up to you now, petal! Stay true to your beliefs and find whatever justification possible to make that saddle your's!!

    Caligurl - yes, of course I've seen your pics! Good grief woman, I've pored over those pics like bike porn! Not enough close ups and frame full-frontals for my liking, but I got the general gist!! I have serious bike envy!

    Sorry to have worked myself up into public a state of giddiness - where WAS my head?!! At least I can still respect myself in the morning!
    Life is Good!

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    OK, just promise yourself this: not to buy any LESSER bike than the Ruby.

    I once tried to quiet my cravings by spending about $100 less and getting less bike, but I was never happy with that lesser bike, and ended up ditching it finally and spending way more than I would've if I'd just gotten the one I really wanted to begin with. Wait until you can get the one you truly want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnappyPix
    Caligurl - yes, of course I've seen your pics! Good grief woman, I've pored over those pics like bike porn! Not enough close ups and frame full-frontals for my liking, but I got the general gist!! I have serious bike envy!
    OH NO! i'm posting porn! lol!!!!!!!!!! hmmmmm ok..... close ups and full frontals... let me see if i can remedy that! oh... and she's already gotten a slight face lift... GORGEOUS silver fizik handlebar tape....

    i'm really sorry that real life gets in the way... (or rather that you are smart enough to let it get in the way if that's the way it has to be!) it IS an awesome deal... but if it would put a hurt on things... then... .*sigh*..... you have to do what you have to do..... maybe something will come up and real life will let you get her!!!!!!!! i KNOW you'd love her! hell... you know that though... you test rode her!


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    Jun 2004
    We're not stiffining your spine much, are we?

    Ask yourself this: Will you kick yourself more for buying or not buying the bike? I know all about debt but if the bike is something you will use, enjoy & treasure, well, maybe it will be Good Debt.

    Me, I'd get the bike.
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