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    My Friday Ride Report--hill training

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    I'm currently training for my first duathalon. There are 2 major climbs on the bike route. Since I am a dead-weight when it comes to climbing, I thought I would try and do some hill training today. My goal is to not necessarily increase my pace climbing, but improve my recovery afterwards so I am able to finish the race strong.

    It's a perfect 78 degrees and sunny with a light breeze. I had a nice flat 6 mile ride out to Lake Michigan where the infamous Block House Hill is located. I easily danced up the three small climbs leading up to Block House. And then, as I saw the climb stretch around in front, I let myself get intimidated. Immediately my legs felt like lead, but I pushed myself up--huffing and puffing to the top where I saw angels singing the Hallelujah chorus. My legs got a nice recovery on the downhill. Then, I turned around and climbed it three more times.

    Total Distance: 21 miles
    Avg Speed: 18.7
    Climbing Speed: 7.1
    Maximum: 21.5 (flat) 36 (downhill)

    Does anyone have good suggestions to improve hill-climbing other than to just do it? There are not many hills near me except for this one climb.


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    I usuall;y try to break tough hills in sections, i.e. aim for (not literally, of course!) a mail box, tree, telephone, etc. and them once you pass it, find another one to aim for.

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    first - I am not an expert!
    but it sounds like you need mental prep as much or more than leg prep. 7.1 is pretty good on a tough climb! I celebrate "not hitting 6!!" on many climbs.

    So - you've done it. *Hooray!* You know you can get up Block House - and that you can maintain speed. Next time you approach this hill, take a look at it & tell it "HEY! I Beat you once, I'm gonna do it again!" As you ride out to this location, visualize the hill, and see yourself climbing smoothly over the top, and next time it probably won't seem so huge. New hills? you can compare them to things you've beat in the past, and suddenly it isnt' so hard. Or even the "just one minute more - I can do Anything for one minute" approach.

    I've been there, and I KNOW that there have been rides that I let the hill beat me before I even started... even if I climbed one of those, it took a long time for me to mentally 'get over it' - far longer than it took to ride down the other side. I'm working very hard to Not Ride Grumpy too much wasted effort there!



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