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    Timbuk2 Medium Messenger bags

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    There have been some posts asking about messenger bags and what size to get, what you can fit in there, etc. I have a Timbuk2 medium classic messenger bag, which I highly recommend.

    Yesterday I ran some errands and left the house with my lock and a stick of deodorant in my bag, so it was basically empty. Oh and there's some loose change at the bottom of it I stopped by and picked up a prescription, which took up little space also. Then I went by the grocery store and got some stuff. I was able to add to my stash the following:

    3 large cucumbers
    5 medium granny smith apples
    1/4 watermelon (roughly 1lb)
    Small bag of radishes
    1 pint of Rice Dream rice milk
    1 medium bottle of juicy juice (probably a liter)

    It all fit and the bag balanced on my back nicely. People on the street were watching me pack my bag like there's no way it'll all fit or she'll be able to ride. They were incorrect
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    Yea! Isn't it amazing? I fit all my gear for volleyball and the volleyball in mine last night. The challenge for comfort is not to pack any knobbly things in the back. That moment when you lift it up, swing it on your back and...ride off, no problem! That's great.
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    You would be amazed at how many school books and accessories my kids can cram into their Timbuktoo bags. Best part is the bags last forever!!

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