Okay - it's only been 2 weeks, but as some of you know I've been a bit twitchy these past couple of days without being able to ride.

My replacement tubes FINALLY arrived. Performance sent them by passenger pigeon apparently. I think Dillbird could've gotten them here faster

I changed my tire (my very first time ever) - my rear tire - in under 20 minutes! Thanks to those who posted "how to" sites. That was a tremendous help! I got really dirty, but it was actually fun! I rode around the block afterwards to make sure the wheel didn't explode or fall off. I got half way around and felt something brushing up against my leg. ... oops - forgot to close the lever on the brakes. Even with that - it felt soooooooo good! I have to go help make dinner now, but tomorrow afternoon - I'm riding no matter what! I'm taking the bike to go get my haircut and then going on a long ride after that!

Yippee!!! My reward... white chocolate M&Ms... oooohhhhh