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    Aug 2004
    North Texas

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    SpeedPlays here...

    X2's on my old TREK.
    new X5's on my Allez Comp.

    Stayed with the X series so I could stay with the same cleat.

    I love the pedals, cute little lollipops that they are. Mine are unrestricted on float which works well for pidgeon-toed moi.

    My saddles (Koobi) and my pedals (SpeedPlay)... 2 pieces of equipment that will move from bike upgrade to bike upgrade.

    no regrets!

    My ride: 2003 Specialized Allez Comp - zebra (men's 52cm), Speedplay X5 pedals, Koobi Au Enduro saddle

    Spazzdog Ink Gallery

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    Jan 2004
    Irvine, CA
    Quote Originally Posted by SalsaMTB
    I use Time mtb pedals for all my bikes. I don't want to worry about different shoes for different bikes.
    I use TIME attack pedals all my bikes too! I got them for my first bike, which was a mountain bike. The pedals were touted to be bomb proof and worked even if covered in mud. I then put them on all my bikes for the same reason as SalsMTB. They're on my commuter bike so that if I don't feel like clipping in between multiple red lights, I can still pedal. TIME pedals give a obvious click when I clip in and I 've never accidently unclipped while pedalling.

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    Jan 2005
    Off eating cake.
    I've got the Shimano m505 pedals that came on my bike. I'd like to upgrade to something with a little more mud clearing ability before next winter...

    By the by, it's really nice to see you posting again spazz.
    Drink coffee and do stupid things faster with more energy.

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    May 2005
    Tustin, CA
    Shimano Dura Ace for the road bike and Time ATAC Z Control for all the mountain bikes. Love the platform on both pedals!
    BCIpam - Nature Girl

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    Jun 2005
    SpeedPlays here too. X series

    As far as the float I noticed earlier this week that I have gotten so used to the float that I don't even notice it anymore. At first I would stand to climb or sprint and my feet would be all over the place. Now my feet go to their natural position without all the extra movement. The just take time to get used to.

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    May 2006
    PEI, Canada
    Thanks Brandi for explaing "float". Sounds like the perfect thing for beginner with weak knees.


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    Aug 2004
    On The Edge
    Thanks to everyone who posted re the speedplays - I think, like CR400, I'm a little wary of my feet getting carried away with themselves when climbing and standing out of the saddle, etc - but it sounds like it's just a question of adapting and getting used to the feel of the pedal.
    I'm a bit pigeon toed on the bike (sadly without the wings, to make me FLY!) so I think perhaps the X-Series would be better than the Zeros.
    Life is Good!

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    Apr 2006
    I'm the only one allowed to whine
    And they would go so nicely on your new bike....buy the bike.... buy the bike.... buy the bike...
    "If Americans want to live the American Dream, they should go to Denmark." - Richard Wilkinson

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    Jun 2004
    Canton, OH
    I used Ultegra for years on the road bike and SPD on the mountain bike for years. SPD never had enough float for my bad knee so I recently went to Eggbeaters and love them. The last Ultegra's didn't have enough float so I went to Speedplays and love them. My knees are very happy with both.



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