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Thread: Post ride feed

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    Ahhhh - potato salad. I love potatos but I don't often do potato salad because of the lard factor.Mixing down the mayo with sour cream sounds nice and a good way round too much fat.

    Sounds like you 've got some cool food where you live MissLiz. Eating is one of my favourit past times and when I get time I love cooking and making up recipes. Good job I took up cycling - within reason I can pretty much get away with eating what I like when I'm riding a lot, otherwise I try not to each too much.

    pedalfaster - like the sound of your pasta recipe, all my fave ingrediants.

    OK - so here's one thats popular in our house - spaghetti & meatballs ;

    Cook pasta; spag is good.
    Tomato sauce . I usually make my own rather than buy bottles of the stuff coz you can make it more garlicy/spicy, less oily etc. I find the bought stuff is also too sweet for me.

    Crush some garlic and add to herbs (basil,pastley,tarrogen,oregano...that kind of thing) and a bit of dry chillie and heat up in some olive oil. Add can of tomatoes and stirr. Give it lots of black pepper & some salt too.

    Cook sausages - ( or veggie one's) chop into meatball size and add to sauce and let it cook for a bit. Add to pasta !


    This is equally sophisticated - a hang on from my student days, but brilliant if you need a a big feed/ comfort food fix.

    Sausage & Baked bean pie: make it as big or as small as the dish you have.

    Make a load of mashed potato - really nice and smooth
    Partially cook some sausages and place in bottom of oven dish
    Cover with a can of baked bean eg Heinz
    Cover the whole lot with the mash and slam in the oven for about 25 mins or till sausages are cooked. Grate a bit of cheese on the top too if you fancy it.

    I usually do this with tofu sausages but this is a great one in the winter. This is also ok in the fridge for a day or two but make sure the mash is in a thick enough otherwise it might go a bit sloppy.

    Er - notice a sausage theme here!
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    whatever you do, be sure to get your share at group ride feeds. Once I was so dead after the ride I fell asleep under a tree and when i woke up everything was already eaten!



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