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    Quote Originally Posted by Eden
    Some plants - I believe that figs are in this group, have sap that contains a lot of natural latex - so if you've got a latex allergy you probably should stay away from the sap and the unripe fruit - conversly if you've had a bad reaction to the figs it might be a good idea to be careful around latex rubber gloves, balloons, poinsettias, (all of these were banned from certain wards of the hospital I used to work at) etc.
    This is very good to know. I am highly allergic to natural rubber latex. I have to wear heavy gloves to put air in my tires and especially to change them, which makes it challenging to say the least. I can't even go into grocery stores where they have balloons on the sale tables. (Do any of you buy more because of balloons?? That's what stores tell me when I ask them about not using them!) Over the years, I have developed allergies to the "Big 3" cross-reactives: kiwi, banana, and avocado. I cried the day I got mouth hives from guacomole. Banana is another really annoying allergy when you ride a bike...

    I guess pruning fig trees is not in my future.

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    Jitters? He does have it bad. Hope he gets over it real quick.

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    Thank goodness the jitters have passed now. He's pretty tired and still polkadotted. Now that the blisters are healing, the rashy spots around the blisters are itchy. I reacted more slowly and only ended up with about 6 or 7 marks and no blisters. As they heal, they get dark red. It's a good look



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