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Thread: Newbie Update

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    Pine Grove, PA

    Newbie Update

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    Hi All! Just wanted to give you all an update on where I'm at! I think the last I told you I got a new road bike. The pilot didn't work out and I got a Trek WSD 1500 instead. That was November.

    We've been riding not nearly enough! I'm still adjusting to the road bike. I'd give my left arm to ride my mountain bike - but that just won't cut it if I want to do the 100 mile LiveStrong ride in September! Last weekend we participated in a charity ride to benefit the PA State police department. We completed the 40 mile loop - and it really felt like we could have done another 10 or 15. We both ended up having equipment problems so we didn't want to push it. Wasn't really even sore the next day! We're going to do another charity ride in 2 weeks and hope to do the 63 mile loop - this time for the Penn State Children's Hospital.

    I started a new job in February and have been traveling to MA every 2 weeks or so. While I'm here I've been taking advantage of the classes that MassBike offers. I completed the 101 class and am taking the 201 class this Saturday. I was really glad I took the 101. It focused a lot on riding in traffic which doesn't apply to me too much where I am in PA - but boy did it help a lot in the charity ride we did. I would have been totally freaked out in some of those places if I hadn't taken the class!

    And the biggest thing - I got clipless pedals! I haven't gone out with them yet - just been using them on the trainer - but I think I'm ready! I got the Shimano one's that are clip on one side, real pedal on the other side. They are really easy to un-clip from. Even if you're in a panic and just do what is natural trying to put your foot down to stop yourself - they unclip. I am still expecting the required fall, but hopefully it won't be too bad!

    I've been sending my husband links to discussions on here - and he is even starting to try to stop his mashing ways!

    Thanks all for the help! I know I don't post much - but I'm always lurking in the background!

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    Hi Duke Fan! Good for you on the road bike. I don't have one myself - you'll see me all over town on my mtb. I have a new road bike in my future...

    You will love riding clipless. They will help you eat hills. (Do you have hills? Where I live you are either going up or going down it seems.)

    I envy your lack of traffic. I live in a town of 100,000 just over the county line from Los Angeles. But actually riding in traffic is very... stimulating.

    Keep it up!

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    Jun 2005
    I also don't have a road bike - I went for a fast hybrid, though just after that "they" started making road bikes with flat handlebars. I still might go for the "moustache handlebars" that I liked on somebody else's bike (http://www.rivendellbicycles.com/web...ape/16027.html )
    Keep on pedalin'!



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