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Woo hoo to Trek and to withm!No more fighting the rush hour traffic. Or having to show up when not feeling well. YES. Sometimes, I think work is way overrated.

Now enjoy life!!
Rush hour was not bad as I retired from a job within 3 miles of home and on a bike trail! But show up when not feeling well? Yes.

I have sometimes thought if I'd kept my seniority when I started back with. this yiuge union company, I would have enough time off that taking mental health days, staying home when I feel bleh would not be a problem.

Also if I'd kept seniority I would have always had the shift I can bike commute with. But we have odd luck at chez trekknott and that's not what happened.

We JUST got sick leave in WA and before that the system is: if I am sick I call out sick and I'm paid. If I do that too often I'm fired. So when I had my seniority and 6 weeks vacation + 10 personal days off + holidays + as much unpaid time I can afford ... if I was sick I took vaycay.

Anyway I came here, lost all seniority, and at 5 years when I got it all back I decided to start to use up my vacation and then consider retirement that we'd planned.

I think it was only a couple days in when I knew "nah. I'm not coming back. This is it."

I am looking for a low key part time job but don't want full time ever if I can help it. I'm kinda burned out.