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    Hope you stay safe, and get some rain asap!

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    Yikes smilingcat. I hope you and everyone near the wildfires are okay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smilingcat View Post
    there is a fire in my back yard.

    • have important docs but my passport is nowhere to be found...
    • have all the animal cages setup 3 big ones for the dogs and 4 small cages for the cats. 2 to a cage
    • bottled water, ice chest, the usual camping stuff.
    • extra cloth and clean underwear so if search and rescue finds me at least I'll have clean undies...
    • oh not to forget dog food kitty food and kitty litter and boxes
    • we both have n95 respirators with chemical filters. its bad out thare.
    • Air quality index currently at 271. (very unhealthy!!)
    • we are in level 1 evacuation notice

    Well we are off the hook pretty easy compare to Harvey victims and Irma victims to come. I just hope my farm house and my house that I live in is still standing. My farm kitty has been moved to my house house. Poor guy, he is hiding in a closet.

    Oh the fire in my back yard is the Eagle Creek fire in Columbia gorge. Fire line is about 7 miles from the house or just over 10km. Farm house is only 6.5 miles or so from the line. I hope the wind doesn't kick up like it did last night.
    Fire sounds quite close, smilingcat. Hope you, others, key documents and kitty, etc. stay safe somewhere! Those fires can travel fast.

    In British Columbia there have been over 130 wildfires burning nearly the whole summer now --with some current big fires in some of our national parks. Calgary where I live is approx. 250 km southeast of the closest large wildfire. Approx. 2-3 days per week, depending on wind direction and smoke density, it has blown into our city. Where our famous bright blue skies becomes grey and smoke hangs in the air all over. My partner feels tightness in his chest if there's too much/cycling much. I'm less suspectible but still often smell smoke. Right now, there is a huge forest fire at Waterton National Park near the U.S. -Canada border in Alberta. It's burnt down the Parks' visitors' reception/info. centre building.

    There have been various localized evacuations of residents in various areas.

    Forest management /wildfire authorities are predicting some of these huge, scary wildfires will smoulder even into the winter/snow.
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    Hi shootingstar,

    Yes some of the wildfire in BC are HUGE!!, smoke from one of those giant fire has blanketed our area about a month ago.

    Good news is that they have finally lifted/rescinded the evacuation notice for my area. Those closer to the fire are still under the evacuation notice. Some have been out of the house for over a week now.

    The bad news:

    the 15yo who started the fire and laughing about starting it, is NOT going to be charged with arson or any crime. Instead, the authorities are blaming on the infrastructure... WHAT??? The boy was told not to throw firecrackers into a dry gully filled with dry leaf litter, laughed and kept on throwing fire crackers into it. And his friends, both boys and girls, all thought it was funny. They are not responsible!? At 15, you should know what is okay and not okay!! Infrastructure is to blame?? Maybe bad parenting, bad schooling??

    Interstate 84, a major artery out of Portland, is indefinitely closed. Alternate route is a 2 lane road around and over Mount Hood.

    There has been death threats made on the 15 yo.

    Crazy insane world...

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    Wow, that is just crazy. I am glad your evacuation notice has been rescinded, smilingcat; but that is simply amazing about the 15-year old. We've been so focused on hurricanes in this half of the country, I hadn't even heard that.

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    And now Josť is headed our way. It's not going to be much, NW of Boston, probably a rainy day and some wind, but on the Cape, there's going to be tropical storm force winds. A close friend of mine recently moved to her house down there, full time. We are going down for the weekend, on Friday, 2 days after the storm moves through. Hopefully, there won't be much damage. She's right in the center of the area that will get it the worst.
    People do act weird in disasters. It's an acute trauma reaction. All I know, is that I would have been out the minute the word evacuation was mentioned. Perhaps I am a wuss, but I'd rather have my life than my stuff.
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