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    Any Ideas, how to split up funds for Aids Ride

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    I am riding the aidslifecycle with a church group (I'm#6057). Monies have been raised and are still being raised to send 7 (signed up riders) and 2 (not sure). I reached my goal, so I will not be asking them to help me. However, here is the problems, some people have not raised any money, they said they have been promised money, but have nothing yet. Others have a small amount. We are to have a pow-wow in 2 weeks and one of our roadie members wants everyone to come in with their fund raising totals. There is this big hub-bub, who gets the money? Do we give to those who ride? To those who have been to all the fundraisers and put in the time? To those who can't make it to anything, but still want to go. I'm glad I'm not in the mix anymore. We have about $4k in the kitty but if we are trying to send 6 riders (not counting self) that is $15k. Anyone got any ideas??

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    I'm kinda torn on this one. I'm thinking .... a slow process with me.

    It's great to do these events as a team, for training, morale and fundraising. But charity rides give fund raising incentives (like check out BG's 5k jersey) for a number of reason. One is to encourage riders to not only meet a pledge goal but to exceed it. Otherwise you continue to fundraise but give the overage to help others on the team who might not do as much, and what I'm hearing is a lil' resentment?

    Can those who have not made a dent organise a group event?? Bake the brownies for the bake sale? Make all of you a matching red dress and SPD compatible pumps?

    Anyway, the goal is to raise money for a cause you believe in whether MS Ride, AIDS Ride, BATO any ride. If one team member raises funds then having met your goal keeps those pledges rolling in but puts the "overage" to those who are behind the net earned for the beneficiary is less than if each met their goal and you went above and beyond. Sometimes there really is a situation where the person can't do that.

    On my corporate team I heard a little of the same thing; loud complaints from those behind that "the company isn't helping us (ie: paying the pledge goal) and those who cried the loudest had more time off to train than I do, earned far more than I but they are your team I hope things work out.

    If they don't meet the pledge goal options include; self pledge, make a promise to meet that minimum and they can keep up after the ride or...simply pay the minimum which is still about what a standard supported week long bike tour would cost so make the donation, it's tax deductable and go!

    Meanwhile after all it is a church so there are lessons to be learned about patience, forgiving others, is there a sermon in here? ;-)
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    I'm so glad I raised my money

    There is a lot of resentment on everyone's part. I am actually still getting in donations, I'd like to raise another $1k if I can. I think I have to. I'm gonna help them as best as I can and be very patient. Thanks!

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    I'm a Team in Training coach, and something like this happened with a ride group I coached a few years back. There were five friends who all worked together in an office. Everyone committed to raise money and share the proceeds evenly toward their fundraising. 2 of them (husband and wife) raised a lot of money, but the other 3 totally slacked and did NOTHING. So poor husband and wife had to share all their money they had raised - and make up some of the shortfall as well, because they did not raise enough for 5 people! Needless to say, there was a lot of resentment.

    You guys need to start talking now about contingencies if there's a shortfall in the fundraising goal. People who have raised money should not have to contribute out of posket to make up for the slackers' shortfalls.

    Good job on your fundraising!

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    Will one of the tasks of the scheduled pow wow be having those who are lagging in fundraising propose ideas of how to improve? I'm assuming they've looked at the fundraising ideas on the ride's page (I had to google it to see what this ride was) ? Lots of interesting ideas there.

    Having been one of the people who helped riders for the Mass Red Ribbon Ride raise funds (couldn't ride) I don't think I'd be quite so charitable to provide funding for people who didn't show up to any planning meetings or fundraisers, no matter how badly they'd like to go. (Ok, I can be a b****y wench, sue me. )

    One thing we did was contact the local daily paper regarding the riders from our area. They did a very nice piece and included info on how to sponsor the riders. We also did a massive "spring cleaning" and used our disposable junque for a tag sale to help the riders as well.

    Set up a donation page on active.com & put it in their signature if they belong to on-line groups (BTW, is that allowed here?) Contact other churches. Hold that bake sale that Trek 420 suggested.

    I think it's important that those who are struggling to raise funds try to come up with some creative solutions to the problem. Hold them responsible for following through on their ideas (e-mails, buddy system, etc.)

    Congrats on reaching your goal. I hope the other members of the team are able to do so before the ride as well.



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