Well, November definitely brings in the chill, up here in the north country, but for you folks down in warmer climes that have been suffering in the heat, I hope November brings you some relief.

Yippee! Got my Pugs 2 back form the bike shop, yesterday and it is now a single speed or actually a double speed. More on that in a bit. Anyway, here it is, with a few other mods. Pretty good deal on it, by the way. My guy at the shop did all the labor at no cost in exchange for the shifters and cassette that was on the bike. Me, I supplied the parts, up front.

To further lighten the bike, I also replaced the stock Moloku handlebars with a much lighter FSA flat bar. I love the Moloku bars, but they're really a heavy duty touring handlebar, with emphasis on heavy, since they're made of steel. The FSA bar is MUCH lighter and better suited for trail work, anyway. Besides, I can always go back to the Moloku anytime I wish.

Yes, this is actually a double speed, you might say. It's a standard single speed in the back.

This version of the Pugs, though, is unique in that it uses the same width axle, front and back, plus the front hub is threaded for a free wheel. What this allows you to do is run the front wheel with a different size cog, then just switch front and back wheels to change the gearing. Here's the front wheel with a smaller cog that I will use when I want a higher gear.

Right now, the gearing is with the rear wheel, set very low for trail work, with a nod to some snow riding or mud riding. My trails are very dry at the moment, so the gearing is a bit lower than I would like, but still very useable. Should be just right, though, when things turn mushy and soft. Then, too, I can always switch wheels to get a higher gear.

Did 6 miles of trail work, late afternoon, and loved the way the bike handled. It handled nice with the full set of gears and the heavy stock handlebar, too, but now it handles even better with the reduced weight, plus no big derailleur to snag or break hanging from the back. I now have single speed bikes all the way from a skinny tire road bike all the way up to a fat bike.

Speaking of late afternoon, don't forget, Daylight Savings time ends this Sunday. Pretty much means my late afternoon rides will become more like mid-afternoon rides, being this far north.