Good to hear the storm's effect won't be around long. Yeah, that road salt was a real headache for me back in my Chicago winter commuting days. Had to clean off my bike every night when I got home from work. Fortunately, our little rural township, here, only uses gravel and sand. That I can handle.

Had a fun day, yesterday, after getting back from doing errands in town. Decided to hit my snow packed trails with my other bikes, instead of the fat bikes. After all, before there were fat bikes or even plus bikes, I was riding in the snow on regular mountain bikes. Did 4 miles on the Krampus with its 29x3" tires, then another 4 with the Log Lady and its 27.5x 2.25" tires. Both did great on my snow packed trails. No slipping at all, though I was extra careful with the Log Lady not to get to extreme with my speed, though that's always a temptation with this fast bike. Riding these single speeds once again showed me that going single speed is doable in some types of snow. Won't put these bikes, away, for the winter.

A skiff of snow, overnight, so will probably pull out one of the fat bikes and get to work on re-packing my trails.