Hi! I'm a bicyclist who has been less active. Just nursed a family member through cancer. So now, I'm turning my face back towards cycling. I have a road bike and I have a hybrid. I have been wanting to get into gravel. Being from Kansas we have TONS of miles of gravel roads and there are some vistas you cannot get on paved roads. Someone said put some gravel tires on the hybrid and that is what I'm doing. My goal is to participate in some gravel rides in Kansas, although I will probably still do some charity rides on pavement too.

Are there any people here who ride gravel? Any advice? I can, on pavement, do 15-20 miles pretty easily. I expect their to be more resistance with gravel. It has a reputation for being dirtier. I wear glasses and sometimes where over-wear sun glasses. Any thoughts on eye protection in gravel rides? I would like to up my mileage on rides on both bikes. I have in the past, ridden 50 miles. But my butt is a little deconditioned.

So share your thoughts with me.