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Ok, looks like the size 52 is comparable to your 2010 bike..

Trek checkpoint size 52
Stack: 549
Reach: 379
HTA: 71.6 deg
STA: 74 deg
HT: 10.7
ETT: 536

Stack and reach, the most important numbers, are very close. This Head tube is a bit more slack, which is expected for a bike that may be taken off road. Sounds like it’s actually very like your Domane. Do you know what step length is on the Domame? Is it the stock stem?
I found the numbers for the old Trek 2000 men's bike from 2003, on page 42 of this. No stack or reach numbers, but there is this:
HTA: 73.0
STA: 74.0
ETT: 54.4

Standover comparisons:
CP 54: 78.9
CP 52: 77
Madone 4.7: 74.0
2000: 77.2

EFF for the Checkpoint 54 is longer than for the old Trek 2000.

It's really interesting to compare the details for the different bike frames in different sizes. A 54 for one is quite different from a 54 for another bike.