I rode 21 miles this morning, as we have storms approaching. Hoping I get out and do my errands before they start!
I did a route I did about a month ago, where I ride over to the other side of town, into Carlisle and a teeny corner of Westford on the road, and then catch the bike trail back as far as I can take it in Acton, to get back over the highway, closer to my house. It was not too hot, but the humidity is building.
I felt good and my back has been much better since I started doing a new stretch/move, I saw online. However, there's one gradual hill as I am on the road to where I catch the trail, and my ribs started aching. The actual spot where I have the bruise is much better, NWG, do you use Arnica gel? It really speeds up healing bruises. But, I got through that, for the nice downhill and onto the trail, which was quiet. My LBS now has their back door/ramp set up, adjacent to the trail, which is nice.
Once I get off the road, I have a small climb and then I have to wait at a light to get across the highway. Some jerk, turning left, turned in front of me; he was the second car turning, but the first had plenty of time. However, I saw it and slowed. He had his windows open, so I used the occasion to swear loudly at him. After this, I have 2 hills, one about 8%, so I slowed down, for the rest of the way.
I may ride to work tomorrow, much earlier than I need to, so I won't sweat to death. I am done at 3:45, so then I can take a longer and shadier way home.