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Thread: July rides

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    Oh, Emily, so sorry to hear about all this. Just rest up and let it run its course. I've made the mistake of riding when I've been sick and it only makes it worse. Been times, like you, had no choice for the sake of running errands and I know how miserable it can be. Don't let it get you down to the point you stop riding, altogether. That would be heartbreaking. Hang in there, girl. Be thinking of you.

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    Glad you are feeling better, Emily. I get this warning of illness in the same way! Like, I was ready to throw my bike down 2 Sundays ago, even though I had been sick Friday and my body was just telling me I wasn't really better. I think I willed it out of me so I was fine for the hard riding in the Berkshires, because I had a slight replay of it all when I rode Wednesday and Thursday. Slight, though. The gym was fine today and I will do a hard ride tomorrow.
    You are smart to listen to your body. I did not do this in my 30s and 40s/early 50s and I think it set me up for a lot of stuff that was my own fault. I have a terrible fear of having to slow down (overall, not just my speed), but I am not in the mind set to do this in the foreseeable future. I think my upcoming birthday in the fall (65) is scaring me more than I like!
    We went to the outing, ate our lunch, had half a beer, and left. DH had no desire to do any of the activities, either. Instead, we got our grocery shopping done and went to the local farm, so we can do a long ride tomorrow.
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