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    nwg, glad you are following your husband's advice. The bikes will be there, and you need time to heal. If you get really desperate, as I did after my jaw fractures, you could ride on the trainer before you're allowed to ride outdoors. I did so because I felt my fitness slipping away. It wasn't fun, and I could only tolerate it about twice a week because of the boredom factor, but it was something. Walking was okay too, but it was super hot during the NC summer so better to ride the trainer indoors in the a/c.

    Crankin, pretty amazing that those helmets only came in pink. Not every little girl loves pink! My favorite color as a child was yellow, and it is still a fave. Glad you found a good alternative.

    I have not ridden for two weeks today! Our trip to NC really set me back. Yesterday we had many errands to run back here in Florida, and today is my usual gym day, so I went ahead and did that, since I felt I needed that as much as a bike ride -- and there is a/c! I would normally ride tomorrow but have my orthodontist appt. in the morning, so it will be Tuesday. It is so warm and humid here now, I am not chomping at the bit, but I know I need the cardio so will make myself do it. If I didn't have DH, it would be much harder to get motivated.

    Will report back once I finally get back out there on two wheels!

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    Thanks, Emily. Hope you get out and ride, despite the heat and humidity. Yeah, that kind of weather can make it hard to get motivated, but even a short ride qualifies as a ride and that always beats no ride.

    I feel the same about the trainer. I really hate the things. My two surgeons gave me a mixed verdict on using a trainer. One did not like the idea at all and the other was lukewarm on using one, mostly concerned about staying in an upright position while pedaling. Still an option I might explore, but, for now, I'm doing very well with the walking to keep up my strength. Now doing 3 miles every day alternating each day between a walk on the pavement and a walk on the trails. The trail walking is really more hiking and a bit trickier, not to mention more climbing, but I use a good hiking stick for all my walking for the sake of safety.

    At first, I did not enjoy the walking. Was still in a sour mood for not being able to ride. I'm enjoying it, now, though. Just needed time to adjust and relax and enjoy the walking on its own merits, instead of trying to compare it to my bicycling. Kind of nice, too, to re-discover I have walking as another option to stay fit. And the walking has kept me fit. I'm finishing my 3 miles much stronger, now. The first week was pretty brutal trying to get into walking shape. The first few days even finishing 2 miles was tough. For sure, walking is different than bicycling.



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