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    Front Closure large cup sports bra

    I've a bit of a problem. I need a new sports bra or two...and remember that recent shoulder reconstruction and cervical spine surgery? There is no way I can use my old sports bras that either fasten in the back or go over my head. They work well, but right now with my shoulder I just can't deal with traditional sports bras.

    My problem is that I really need a 34-DDD, or 34-E? Hard enough to find a "normal" sports bra the right size, but a front closure? I am still searching away, but thought someone here may have a thought for a particular brand. I AM reaching the point where I can exercise a bit more normally so things are getting a bit...bouncy

    I DID find this one on Amazon - but $72!!! Really? I just can't swing that and am unsure that it would work anyway - haven't had much luck with Wacoal in the past with regular bras.
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