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    Hi from the mountains in Utah!

    I'm 35 and finally going to get back into biking this summer.

    We used to bike a lot like 8 years ago before we had kids and sold our previous bikes so I am back on the hunt for a new bike and will probably ask for advice on a few I am thinking about in the mountain bike sub board. I haven't biked like I said previously for about 8 years, we had a son in that time period that is now 6 1/2 fresh off training wheels and working to hit the trails this summer. We live in the Wasatch mountains here in Utah and bike trails are a few minutes from our house, which is I think why we are considering those opposed to hybrids. Since it's been years since I bought a bike I would say a lot has changed just by browsing bikes and brands. Though perhaps not that board seems very dead. I don't even think I have most of the gear anymore especially those comfy shorts so I need to start looking for another pair or two. I would say hopefully I'm pretty fit we indoor rock climb once a week and I'm used to chasing a very active little boy around. Looking forward to reading the boards and catching up with fellow lady bikers.
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