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Thread: Hill training

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    Hill training

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    Hi gals.I've recently been working on hill climbing. Actually enjoy the buzz I get at the top and have seen a huge improvement in my sTrentham. However any tips for climbing or advice on how you guys get through it?

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    Staying relaxed and getting into a flow ftw..

    I start relaxing my body, spinning smoothly in a low gear to loosen my legs too, and clearing my mind as I approach a good climb and I use meditation techniques to still my upper body as I start the climb….that's what helps me get into my climbing flow while also lessening tension. I start concentrating on rhythmic breathing and the rhythmic movement of my legs as I climb. Keeping your back straight and chest open will help in getting air into your lungs.

    Riding harder using a bigger gear, say on a weekly schedule and depending on fitness, for short parts of a climb or any ride can help increase your power output and endurance. When I’ve done training in the past to build my endurance for a long hard day or days of climbing, I’d do climbing intervals in big gears, concentrating on smooth pedal movement and being relaxed.

    For recreational riding just adding some climbs to your rides also helps in building endurance which can make future rides more enjoyable!!

    enjoy your climbing and yeah the cresting a good climb can be an addictive feeling

    Thinking there are lots of personal and riding techniques in climbing that can make it a good learning experience. I enjoyed learning the the benefits of standing early on. The strength and cardiovascular requirements for standing is different than being in the saddle. If done effectively and with good upper body and core strength, standing allows more strength to instantly contribute to forward momentum and overall power. I’ll stand for a short steep section of a climb or on a long moderate climb to alternate my muscle load, for a burst of power (think dogs ) or just to build muscle endurance. For some standing can feel difficult and uncoordinated at first...for some with conscious practice it can help a lot in climbing abilities and in building muscle/cardiovascular strength, even for recreational riders…..and it helps with confidence and with keeping a positive mind set.

    Granted I have an addiction to climbing…..but doing it in whatever way makes you feel comfortable makes sense….
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    There are different ways to get better on hills; personally, I am a spinner. I use the easiest gear possible on really hard climbs. I never stand, it feels awkward and my speed decreases significantly. So, I may be slow, but, I can get up almost anything, up to a 15% grade for a bit. While doing intervals in a hard gear while climbing will increase your endurance, it will also put a lot of stress on your knees. If I knew I had to do sustained climbs above an average grade of 5%, for like 5-10 miles, I might have to do more of that, but around here, it's more short, steep climbs, punctuated by descents, flats, or at least climbs that are a bit easier. The thing is, it's pretty hard to ride around here, without climbing, so I get the benefit of that, even if I am going out for a short, recreational ride. Heck, my driveway at my last home was a 13% grade for a few feet.
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