Around, here, groundhogs don't bother to do their prediction thing until at least March and, some years, April, but since February starts with Groundhog's Day in the rest of the country, thought I'd start our monthly February ride thread with the groundhog label.

Yes, I am still riding in the snow. I'm so addicted to it that I'm still desperately shoveling snow off sections of my trails so that I don't have to ride out on the road. Talk about nuts! The snow is actually thigh deep on both sides of the trail in some sections, so I have to be very careful not to lean into my turns too much or I jam the pedals into the snow on either side of the trail. Not something you folks in the tropics have to deal with.

No, still haven't surrendered and given into doing the indoor trainer thing.

Hope everyone has a good moth of riding. Spring is just around the corner ... somewhere. Just not here.